Although ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ is labeled as in post-production, it looks like there are a few scenes director Marc Webb wants to fine tune. According to On Locations Vacations, the production team is currently in New York City filming some re-shoots.

The production is filming under the code name ‘Fiona’s Tale’ and No Parking signs have been spotted in the following locations:

– Signs posted around Pearl & Board Street (no date specified)

– Signs for filming around the Williamsburg Bridge and FDR Dr for Thursday, 11.17, though holding and base camp for extras is located at 1 Bowling Green ( around State St and Battery Pl)

– Signs around the Flatiron building at 25th and 5th Ave/6th Ave for Friday, 11.18

– Signs also posted on East 81 Street between Columbus Avenue and Park for Friday, 11.18

These are the signs seen so far, but word has it the crew will be filming for the next 6 days. Below are some photos taken from today’s reshoot:

(photos courtesy of CBM)

Not much is known about what they were filming when these pictures were taken but if anyone is around the areas of the re-shoots and have any set pictures or set information that you’d like to share, feel free to contact us! We’ll update this story once we get more info.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Ryhs Ifans, Sally Fields, Martin Sheen, C Thomas Howell and Dennis Leary and will be out in theaters on July 3, 2012.