What a fun read! ‘Justice League’ #3 continues the opening story arc that is slowly introducing the various members of the superhero team. In ‘Justice League’ #1, we got a look at Batman and Green Lantern. Last month’s ‘Justice League’ #2 introduced The Flash and Superman. Throughout the background of these stories, we’ve seen Vic Stone (the young man who will one day become Cyborg) and gotten hints of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. We’ve also been getting hints of the main villain of this first story arc as flying “demons” have been randomly appearing all over the Earth.

This issue continues that arc with a look at Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman). She has appeared in America and her claims of being an Amazon and having powers from Zeus have led to some trepidation on the part of the US government. Colonel Steve Trevor has been assigned as liaison for Wonder Woman. His role, so far, is essentially a super babysitter. He has to keep Wonder Woman safe… or more often, keep those around her safe. This Wonder Woman is a fighter. She revels in the joy of battle and likes kicking bad guy butt. She carries a sword and, as a citizen notes in this issue, “she swings that sword with a smile”.

[Warning: The recap below may contain slight spoilers.]

As the issue opens, Colonel Trevor is chasing after Diana. She saw a news report that a flying creature was spotted attacking people in Washington DC. Thinking that it might be a harpy, Diana rushes to take it out before anyone can be hurt. When she finally finds her “harpy”, it turns out there are more than one and Diana leaps into battle.

Elsewhere, the other heroes (Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern) are battling some of these demon/harpies of their own. It seems that hordes of these creatures have appeared all over the Earth. In the midst of their battle, Wonder Woman appears on the scene and aids the heroes.

Meanwhile, another set of demons is attacking S.T.A.R. Labs. In the chaos of their appearance, there have been explosions at the lab. Vic Stone, who was at the lab with his father, has been severely wounded. Vic’s father rushes to save him by using various technologies that have been collected by the Lab. Some of the technology used hasn’t been completely understood yet and cause Vic to have flashes of a huge stonelike being that old fans all knew was returning since the first issue’s hints.

As the issue closes, our heroes meet the sixth member of the new Justice League but it seems like this member might not be a team player.

[End of the spoilery recap.]

Now, admittedly I’ve never been a big fan of Wonder Woman. Sure. I’ve liked Wonder Woman okay in the past but only as a member of the Justice League. She’s never seemed interesting enough on her on. But this New 52 version is simply awesome! She is no longer the brooding violent character of the pre-relaunch DCU. Instead, she’s a happy violent character. She is a blade-whirling bottle of fun. Plus, she doesn’t quite understand many nuances of the human world yet and it makes for some humorous scenes this issue. While I enjoyed the rest of the issue, the scenes focusing on Wonder Woman stole the show for me.

Geoff Johns has crafted one of the more entertaining origins of the Justice League I’ve ever read… and I’m almost certain that I’ve read them all. Combined with Johns’ thrill ride of a story, Jim Lee’s hyper-stylized artworks is rapidly making ‘Justice League’ one of the best series of the New 52.

Now that I’ve read the issue though… I’m kind of disappointed that I have to wait another four weeks for the big splash of the new hero and the real introduction of the villain. Oh well… see you in thirty with a review of ‘Justice League’ #4!

Verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and Cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS