Previously on Dexter, we learned of Brother Sam’s death by the hands of one of the people he saved, Nick. Dexter lashed out, drowning Nick, only to  turn around and see the ghost of his dead brother Brian. I was extremely excited to see Christian Camargo return, as their dynamic would have been great if Dexter hadn’t killed him. I always wanted to explore how things would have gone, and I think this could be something interesting. We also saw Quinn break down at Deb’s housewarming party, Dexter put threats on Travis which we hope will eventually lead to Professor Gellar, and Travis defying Professor Gellar by letting the woman who they picked to be the “Whore of Babylon” go.

We begin this week with Dexter thinking about his losses. How he suffered when Rita was murdered by Trinity, and how he felt after Lumen left. Brian has joined him on the boat as he tosses Nick’s remains. Brian is excited to be back in Dexter’s life, now that they can finally have the relationship they would have had if Dexter hadn’t killed him. He still makes snide comments every time Deb calls, saying she’s “the one that got away.” At the station, Deb tells Dexter that Trinity has killed again, this time taking out his daughter and his wife in Karney, Nebraska where the FBI had them under witness protection. Behind Deb, Brian keeps interjecting that Jonah, Trinity’s son, must have done it, especially knowing that no one knows that Trinity is dead outside of Dexter. Deb tells Dexter to take the day off to get his head together, thinking that he is overcome with grief over Rita. Dexter does some research and figures out Jonah must have done it, and with Brian egging him on, takes a few days off to visit Jonah in Nebraska.

Travis has begun staying with his sister to get away from the Professor. After his sister leaves for work, Travis sees Professor Gellar standing outside. Travis tells him that he is done, the Professor argues that they have no choice but to do God’s will. Travis argues that he has free will, and makes it a point to lock the Professor out. Gellar says that he will continue to do the work, and he will do it for the both of them.

After Dexter leaves, Deb has her first hearing about the yearly numbers, where LaGuerta rides her pretty hard in front of everyone. In the elevator, Deb confronts LaGuerta about it being personal, but she turns it around on Deb, saying that after her marriage with Angel fell apart she took comfort in the numbers, and she doesn’t know what happened with Deb and Quinn but she thinks that Deb should do the same.

Dexter makes a stop at a rest stop to pick up drinks and snacks for the road, and Brian eggs him on to talk to the girl behind the counter. He notices a gun there, and being a sly dog convinces the girl to sleep with him, and steals her gun. Brian chides him for sleeping with her instead of killing her. That night, while speeding down the highway Dexter shoots the gun at random objects with Brian cheering him on. The next day Dexter tracks Jonah down at the hardware store where he works at. Jonah opens up by saying “Hello, Dexter Morgan” which lets us know that he knows his real name. He asks why Dexter covered in the first place, and Dexter tells him that he was covering for his family, that he suspected his father might have been Trinity but didn’t want to endanger people. He explains that he came to see Jonah to see if he was okay, and that he was sorry for his loss. He has a feeling that Jonah committed the murders, and with Brian talking to him at the same time, there isn’t much stopping him from killing Jonah later on.

Angel comes and tells Deb about a girl who was picked up, her name is Holly (and we know her as the “whore” that Travis had released.) Holly tells Deb about being blindfolded, that the Professor is the harder one and that Travis is weak and let her go. She says that the Professor would hold her mouth open and Travis would apologize as she was forced to drink something that tastes metallic, which the guess is Travis’ blood that he had been storing in the refrigerator. Deb tells Angel to figure out a way to narrow down the list of possible suspects that could be accompanying the Professor in his work. She also tells him that she’s confused by Dexter’s disappearance, and that she can’t get a hold of him.

Dexter stops at a motel for the night, with a flat tire. The motel owner says he’ll patch it up for him for 20 bucks, and knows there is something off with Dexter. Brian and Dexter walk through the corn, and stumble upon a pot farm that the motel owner is keeping out there. Finding food and bringing it back to the motel, Deb finally gets a hold of Dexter by calling him from his house phone. Faking that the signal is bad, Dexter says they have to kill Jonah now, which excites Brian. When they get to Jonah’s house, Dexter discovers his knife kit and forensics kit is gone, making it difficult to see for sure that Jonah did kill his sister and mother. Dexter makes up a homemade kit and figures out that he must have at least killed his mother, because of the blood splatters. Jonah walks in as Dexter is doing it, and runs out before the confirmation is made. Brian gets Dexter to chase after him. Dexter stops back at the motel to get his things back from the owner, who says he’ll give it back for $10,000. He holds up the gun that Dexter stole to Dexter’s head, and Brian stabs him with the pitchfork (which the camera angles around and we see Dexter holding it.) Brian, excited to finally get a kill, wonders how they are going to stash the body. They decide to throw him in the grain silo, and the two of them make their way to the hardware store to meet Jonah.

Travis is packing things for work the when he sees a picture of him and the Professor. He decides to pack up everything of the Professor’s, and drops it off to him. The Professor asks him why he didn’t just mail it, and Travis replies that he thought it would give him closure. Gellar tries to lure him back in by telling him awful news stories, and that the world has to end so that they can begin anew. Travis yells at him to shut up. “What I want is to be free.” Gellar replies “I’ll talk to God. I release you.” Travis says, “I can go?” and the Professor ends it with, “You know where the door is.”

Quinn looms over Deb in her office. They talk, with Quinn apologizing for everything. Deb admits that the two of them did have something good. They both tell each other that they miss the other. Deb tells him “The last day of my life that made any sense was the last day I spent with you.” and they kiss. Deb stops it, saying that they can’t do this anymore. Quinn, disappointed, asks if they are over. Deb confirms this, and Quinn leaves.

At the hardware store, Jonah attacks Dexter with a gardening hook in hand. Dexter easily blocks it, and puts Jonah in a hold. Jonah is very angry because he wanted to be the one to kill Trinity. He didn’t kill Becca, she killed herself. The years that had passed were filled with his mother being angry with the kids for driving their father away, she was still in love with him. After Jonah found Becca, he got so angry that he attacked his mother, and killed her in a crime of passion. Jonah did it so Dexter would kill him too. Brian eggs him on to do this, to kill Jonah, but Dexter refuses, saying that Jonah didn’t deserve to be on his table. Dexter decides to go home, and Brian tries to stop him. Running after him, Jonah asks how he can live with it. Dexter replies “Forgive yourself,” and then runs Brian over with his car. On the way home, Dexter thinks about how there cannot be darkness without light, and there has to be light somewhere waiting to be found. Harry returns, opening the car door and saying “Welcome home, son.”

So a lot happened this week. We re-hatched some of the old characters from (my opinion) the two strongest seasons of Dexter. I was really excited with the dynamic of Brian and Dexter, and how Dexter was going to handle a new Trinity. I’m a little bored by Deb’s story this season, I think it just kind of flatlined, but I’m really excited to see how the police force will handle Professor Gellar and Travis. What are you excited to see? Can you believe we’re already at episode 7? If you were to bring someone back from a previous season, who would you want to see?

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