'The Host' stars from left to right: Jake Abel, Saoirse Ronan, and Max Irons (alien consciousness not pictured)

The big news on the Stephanie Meyer front is the release of the first half of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ next week. But with Twilight fever still in full effect and the second half of the final movie not hitting theaters until next winter, the Stephanie Meyer train is still chugging along.

In Meyer’s novel ‘The Host’, aliens have invaded the Earth. These new lifeforms don’t just take over by blasting away with lasers. Instead, they are subtler. They invade the human body and take over. The invasion plan hits a snag in young Melanie Stryder. An alien called “Wanderer” has chosen Melanie as its host. But, rather than succumb to the alien’s mind, Melanie refuses to relinquish control over her body. Thus begins an odd adventure that ends up involving two young men. Each of these lads fall in love with Melanie, but one of them is really in love with Wanderer. In true Meyer style, it makes for a very unusual romantic situation.

A while back, Saoirse Ronan (‘The Lovely Bones’) was cast in the lead role of Melanie. Last week, Deadline reported that Jake Abel (‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief’) would join his ‘Lovely Bones’ co-star in the role of Ian, the young man who falls in love with the alien Wanderer.

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly, reported Max Irons (‘Red Riding Hood’) had been chosen as Jared. Jared is Melanie’s ex-boyfriend and the fourth cog in the alien love quadrilateral. Max is the son of the legendary Jeremy Irons.

‘The Host’ is set to be written and directed by Andrew Niccol who just finished up the recently released ‘In Time’. Filming will begin next February with a release date of March 29, 2013.