The X-Files

We all saw that the introduction to the Season 11 premiere of ‘The X-Files‘ was changed to include the line “I Want To Lie” though it wasn’t the only message that was hidden in the latest episode. While we’ve learned that a major truth was a lie in the episode, there was a huge coded message right at the close of the episode. We saw a character who had some very distorted audio playing and one viewer knew what it was the character was listening to.

Fan Jordin Goff instantly recognized that this wasn’t just a voice whose audio was off but in all actuality was audio being played backward! The inquisitive fan took the audio, ran it through some software and discovered it was a message, likely from creator Chris Carter, directly to the fans!

It plays as follows:

“If this is the end, it’s been a wild, wild adventure with some of the finest people I know, and the greatest fans that we could’ve hoped for. Here’s to you. The truth is out there, 2018.”

A great tribute to viewers from all these years and was just another mysterious and fun addition to all of the twists and turns from the premiere. You can listen to what it sounds like in the video below:


It sounds like going into this season that Carter may have suspected that it could be the last as this was before Gillian Anderson publically stated she wouldn’t be reprising her role as Agent Dana Scully.

Do you think the cast and crew will be working overtime to slip hidden little messages into what could be the final season of ‘The X-Files’? What do you think of this possible goodbye to the series at the very beginning of the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book