A couple months ago we reported that screenwriter, Steve Kloves, and director David Yates were involved with Warner Bros to bring Stephan King’s ‘The Stand’ to theaters in what hoped to be a multi-film arrangement. Now we hear that the studio is looking at Ben Affleck to adapt and direct the movie.

Why Affleck? Apparently he has become a “cornerstone director” for the studio and they obviously adore him. His two other directorial projects (‘Gone Baby Gone” and ‘The Town’) have been well received so Warner Bros. wants to hand ‘The Stand’ to him.

There is no doubt that this is one big undertaking for Affleck. Not only will he be directing ‘The Stand’ he will also be writing the adaptation of the book. This will not be the first adaptation Affleck has done. He has adapted all his other films either from books or articles, including ‘Argo’ which he is currently directing.

So what happened to Kloves and Yates? Who knows?! Nothing is being mentioned as to whether or not they are still involved with the project even on a producer level. All that is being said at the moment is that Affleck is Warner Bros. pick to direct.

If you sense some hesitation on this move, you are not alone. Affleck may be an accomplished director but ‘The Stand’ is a whole different level and genre altogether. It’s not been said as if Affleck has even accepted the job so don’t be surprised if you read in the next few months that another director has been tapped to direct ‘The Stand.’