Earlier in the year we reported that Sony Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn had acquired the rights for the Sundance Award winning indie film ‘Robot and Frank.’ Now it looks like you don’t have to wait much longer for this unique sci-fi buddy film to come to the theaters as it now has a release date and a trailer!

‘Robot and Frank’ is the feature film debut for both director Jake Schreier and screenwriter Christopher D. Ford (‘Atom TV’, ‘The Fuzz’) and is set in the near future about a retired jewel thief named Frank (Frank Langella). When his grown kids become concerned that he may not be able to live on his own, Frank’s son, Hunter (James Marsden), decides to buy him a robot programmed to be his companion and to help Frank with his physical and mental health. With the help of his new “friend,” Frank attempts to woo the local librarian (Susan Saradon) and get back into his old ways.

It’s easy to see why the film won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize (for those wondering, the award is given to films that “supports the development and exhibition of new independent film projects that explore science and technology themes or that depict scientists, engineers and mathematicians in engaging and innovative ways”). According to the Sundance jury, ‘Robot and Frank’ was chosen for its “humane and prescient portrait of the relationship between an aging father and his non-human caregiver, and for raising profound questions about the role of technology in our collective future.”

The trailer really shows how heartwarming and low key the film is, which is quite the contrary to the action packed big budget sci-fi films of late and really deserves a look.

‘Robot and Frank’ Trailer:

‘Robot and Frank’ stars Frank Langella, Susan Sarandan, James Marsden, Liv Tyler and Peter Sarsgaard and opens in theaters on August 24th

Source: Coming Soon, Sundance