Last issue, we watched as the Guardians of the Universe came to grips with ex-enemy Sinestro being reinstated into the Green Lantern Corps while on Earth Hal Jordan struggled to find his place on Earth since it was his ring that now rested on Sinestro’s finger. The shocking finale of the last issue revealed that Sinestro needed Hal Jordan’s assistance and was willing to make a deal with him. In exchange for his help, Sinestro promised Jordan that he’d get his ring back.

This issue picks up mere seconds after Sinestro’s revelation. Naturally, Jordan is none too pleased that his arch-enemy is standing before him wearing the Green Lantern uniform. After an initial disagreement, Sinestro gives a ring to Jordan and allows him to turn back into a Green Lantern. Sinestro proceeds to school Jordan in what it really means to be a Green Lantern, all the while explaining that Jordan has never lived up to his potential as a Lantern, despite having been given multiple chances to do so. After a few tense moments and some heroics on the parts of both Lanterns, Sinestro reveals his reason for asking for Jordan’s help.

After the final few pages of ‘Green Lantern’ #1, I was rather upset that it appeared as if Geoff Johns had made Sinestro into a Green Lantern only as a sales gimmick and that the mantle was going to be passed right back to Hal Jordan. And while, I still think that may be the case, Sinestro is so perfectly portrayed in this issue that I’ll reserve my judgement for now. If you may recall, Sinestro is the top DC character in my list of top 10 comic book villains  and this issue is the perfect example of why. Sinestro doesn’t see himself as evil but rather that the universe is too soft and weak to maintain the control that it so requires.

[Warning: power-spoilers below!]

Sinestro proves that he is a master of control by giving Jordan a ring that has limits. Jordan can’t attack Sinestro and he can have his ring shut off at any moment. Then Sinestro goes on to show that Jordan has always just used his powers to save people. In doing so, he has merely treated the symptom and not the cause of various events. Sinestro tells Jordan that a Green Lantern is so much more than a mere superhero. A Lantern can fix things and keep the peace, rather than just saving the world on a case-by-case basis. It’s a perfect lead-up to Sinestro’s reveal that the reason he’s recruited Jordan is that he needs assistance reclaiming his homeworld of Korugar from the Sinestro Corps. I don’t know if Sinestro will remain the main character of this new ‘Green Lantern’ series after this first arc is over but Man!… would I love it if he did!

Douge Mahnke on art is brilliant in the art department. His hyper-realized line work gives detail to this space-opera that lends it a gravity that would seem cartoonish in other less-qualified hands. While I’m on art, I have to give kudos to David Baron who did the coloring this issue. In a comic that bases itself around heroes and villains firing beams of solid light from their hands, color is key and Baron is more than up to the task. There is a splash page early on and, while I won’t spoil it for you, it would make for an awesome poster.

If you’re a fan of amazing character-driven action (or you just like Green Lantern), definitely head to your local comic shop and grab and issue of ‘Green Lantern’ #2. You can thank me later.

Final verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS