The latest batch of images from the set of Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman film ‘Man of Steel’ show a mussed and bearded Henry Cavill as Clark Kent strolling the streets of an, as of yet, unnamed town. Clark can also be seen playing with what I assume is a scraggly stray dog. Elsewhere, the Superman: Man of Steel Facebook fan page has released a small set of pics from the Alaska set of ‘Man of Steel’. There’s not much to see in the way of storyline or characters in these photos but they sure are pretty. Hopefully some of that imagery will make its way into Snyder’s finished film.

What do you think of the bearded hero? To me, it looks like Snyder may be taking a few story bits from Mark Waid’s ‘Superman: Birthright’ mini-series in which a young Clark Kent travels the world in search of himself before realizing why the world needs a Superman.

‘Man of Steel’ stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Lawrence Fishburne, Michael Shannon, Christopher Meloni and Antje Traue.

(Photos courtesy of Socialite Life and the Man of Steel Facebook page)