A lot of speculation has been going around about what Russell Crowe would look like as the Superman’s father Jor-El and now we have photos of the actor in full costume thanks to Daily Mail!

Crowe was spotted during a cigarette break on the set of ‘Man of Steel’ in Vancouver wearing a full length tunic, a cape and a breast plate with an alien like “S” in the center. Under the tunic, it looks like he is wearing a blue tight fitting outfit similar to what we’ve seen Henry Cavill wear while as Superman.

Director Zack Snyder has said that ‘Man of Steel’ would be a reworking of the Superman franchise and is taking an approach not seen in the other movies. “In every aspect of design and of story,” he states, “the whole thing is very much from that perspective ‘Respect the cannon but don’t be a slave to the movies.”

From the photos of Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, does seem he is true to his word. Now add these pictures of Russell Crowe.  So from what you’ve seen so far, are you looking forward to this new version?

“Man of Steel’ will be in theaters June 14, 2013. Keep checking our site for more news of the movie as it is revealed!