‘The Adjustment Bureau’, based on the novel ‘The Adjustment Team’ from legendary cyberpunk author Philip K. Dick was adapted for theaters this past year. Now Syfy is planning on bringing the sci-fi thriller to the small screen in a new series.

George Nolfi, who wrote, directed, and produced the feature film adaptation of ‘Adjustment Bureau’ has teamed up with ‘Smallville’ producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin for the project. Swimmer and Slavkin will write the new series while Nolfi will serve as executive producer.

‘The Adjustment Bureau’ follows an up-and-coming politician who, after having a chance romantic meeting with a ballerina becomes aware of the titular Adjustment Bureau. The Bureau is a shadowy organization that uses mysterious powers to control everyone’s lives from the sidelines so that humanity follows the machinations of the Bureau’s chairman. The young politician decides that he doesn’t want his fate to be decided for him and attempts to break free of the Bureau’s rule.

This is one of Dick’s novels that I haven’t read and I’ve yet to see the film adaptation but it seems like an interesting premise. If Syfy gets the right talent behind this show, they could have another hit on their hands.