The first week in October brings with it telepathic tree cats, vampires, undead P.I.’s, vampires, dragons, vampires, and a post-apocalyptic America infested with zombies but free of vampires. Jobs held by vampires in this week’s picks include a Crusader-for-hire and an FBI profiler. Why aren’t there any impossibly handsome, erotic, sensual and mysterious vampires who are fry cooks? That’s a vampire story I’d like to read, Stephanie Meyer!

Kiss of Night: A Novel by Debbie Viguié (Oct 7, 2011)

304 pages Publisher: FaithWords

The blasphemous, mercenary knight known as Raphael fought in the Crusades until he was condemned for his evil ways and hypocrisy. Now he roams the earth as a vampire in a supernatural world he once denied. His most valuable possession, a relic from his days as a crusader has been stolen by another vampire who happens to be assembling an army to spread evil. To end his century of hunting for his rival, Raphael enlists the aid of two humans, David and Susan. Guess which one falls in love with Raphael.

A Beautiful Friendship-Signed Edition (Star Kingdom) by David Weber (Oct 4, 2011)

368 pages Publisher: Baen

On the pioneer planet Sphinx, Stephanie discovers that Treecats are fully sentient and telepathic creatures with the ability to bond with gifted humans (like Stephanie). But this new found ability brings danger as high-powered enemies are determined to make sure the planet stays entirely in human hands; even if it means wiping out an intelligent species.

Better Off Undead: The Bloodhound Files by DD Barant (Oct 4, 2011)

336 pages Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

In a parallel universe immersed in dark magic and monsters of every type, FBI agent Jace Valchek has to track down the head of a werewolf mafia family. But she didn’t plan on being bitten and now Jace is fighting the animal inside her with vampirism while trying to stop a gangland war.

Chosen by Fate (A Para-Ops Novel) by Virna DePaul (Oct 4, 2011)

320 pages Publisher: Berkley

Caleb O’Flare hangs out with vampires and were creatures, but even his psychic abilities and healing powers can’t help his Wraith teammate; a ghost with no memory who cannot experience touch without pain. No wraith has been able to live more than a decade and time is almost up. The Wraith wants only two things before it’s all over: To learn who she was as a human and to spend one night with Caleb.

Dead Mann Walking: A Hessius Mann Novel by Stefan Petrucha (Oct 4, 2011)

403 KBm Publisher: Roc

Hessius Mann was wrongly executed for his wife’s murder. Thanks to modern science he was brought back to life. Now he is attempting to make a living as a private investigator in the pulse-challenged city of Fort Hammer. When a missing persons case turns into a string of zombie-murders, Hessius figures out that someone is out to get him.

Dragons of the Watch: A Novel by Donita K. Paul (Oct 4, 2011)

400 pages Publisher: WaterBrook Press

Ellie just wants to settle down and get married to a country husband. Bealomodore is a respected and admired member of the Chiril Elite. The two find themselves lost in a forgotten city. A very old man and a group of wild children reveal clues to big mystery. Now they need to enlist the help of the dragons of the watch to find freedom.

Frail by Joan Frances Turner (Oct 4, 2011)

384 pages Publisher: Ace Hardcover

Being human is a huge disadvantage in the post-apocalypse. The Feeding Plague has swept through America and turned almost everyone into an Ex-human or an Ex-zombie. Everyone except for Amy. She is known as the only “frail” in her town; a human survivor. She sets out to find out how the world got this way, if she survives.

H.P. Lovecraft Goes to the Movies: The Classic Stories That Inspired the Classic Horror Films by H.P. Lovecraft (Oct 4, 2011)

376 pages Publisher: Fall River

There are over 100 movies based on his writing. His unnerving horror stories appeal to die hard horror fans and mainstream readers alike. This book presents the best of the films based on his works. This unique collection includes headnotes for each story and an appendix with credits for each screen version. The stories include: “The Colour out of Space”: filmed twice, once as a vehicle for Boris Karloff called Die, Monster, Die!, “The Dunwich Horror,” also filmed two times, once with Dean Stockwell, “Pickman’s Model” and “Cool Air”: both for Rod Serling’s Night Gallery TV program and “The Call of Cthulhu,” which laid the foundation for the Cthulhu Mythos.

Down These Strange Streets by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois (Oct 4, 2011)

496 pages Publisher: Ace Hardcover

Martin and Dozois assemble this all-new collection of urban fantasy stories that explore the places where the things that go bump in the night have something to fear. This book contains stories by New York Times bestselling authors Charlaine Harris, Patricia Briggs, Diana Gabaldon, Simon R. Green, S. M. Stirling, and Carrie Vaughn, as well as tales by Glen Cook, Bradley Denton, M.L.N. Hanover, Conn Iggulden, Laurie R. King, Joe R. Lansdale, John Maddox Roberts, Steven Saylor, Melinda Snodgrass, and Lisa Tuttle.