As part of its ongoing effort to cut budgets, the BBC has just announced that it’s taking the axe to ‘Doctor Who Confidential’, BBC3′ s companion program to the iconic sci-fi show.

Since the show’s re-launch in 2005, ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ has served as a look inside each individual episode. Featuring cast and crew interviews and lots of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, the hour-long program has aired on BBC3 right after the premiere of each new episode. It would air in America in truncated form on BBC America, typically cut from one hour to about fifteen minutes.

While many of the episodes have felt somewhat padded at times, it was always a nice window into the world behind ‘Doctor Who.’ Seeing the cast and crew interact with each other, seeing how they would construct a particularly complex stunt or FX sequence, or listening to the writers and producers discuss the inspiration behind a new villain or character were always very interesting and fun to watch. It also helped to add an extra dimension of understanding to each episode.

How do you feel about this decision by the BBC? Please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts. This Whovian is somewhat saddened to see it go.