We know that the show has been over with for 2 weeks, but to help you with your blood thirst we decided to recap the entire season 4. With the ending of Season 3 being left on the cliffhanger that Sookie is off to Fairy World, we knew that we were coming into an interesting Season 4.

During Season 3 we had introductions to Jesus Velasquez, LaFayette’s love; Tommy, Melinda and Joe Lee Mickens, who was Sam’s family by blood; and we witnessed Eric and Bill team up to take down the king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, and we saw Bill go up against the Queen Sophie-Ann. Before her disappearance into Fairy World, Sookie was told by Eric (recently betrayed by Bill) that Bill was tricking Sookie into loving him. Sookie banished both Eric and Bill from her house before running and finding her Fairy Godmother, Claudette.

Hopefully that was enough to jog your memory of Season 3, because we have a whole Season 4 to talk about. Just as a fair warning, if you have yet to see Season 4, there will be a good amount of spoilers, so if you prefer to be spoiler free, bookmark this until you think you’re ready!

Sookie, Bill and Eric:

Sookie starts off Season 4 in Fairy World, where she runs into the only other telepath she’s met, Barry. She also stumbles across her Grandfather, who says he’s only been there for a few minutes. She sees the people around her eating fruit, which she refuses to eat after being offered one by one of the other fairies. The fairies attack her and her Grandfather, and they fall out of Fairy World. Since her Grandfather died in the real world, he turns into ash in front of Sookie’s eyes.

After mourning him for a few minutes, Sookie walks to her house, where her belongings are being packed away. Her brother Jason runs up and hugs her, and informs her she has been gone for 12 months. Sookie, confused, wants to know why her house and her belongings are being sold. She is informed that everyone thought she had died, being gone for a little over 12 months. During the 12 months of being gone, Bill has become King after killing Queen Sophie Ann. She demands to know who bought her house, but no one really knows any information.

That evening, after showering, she turns around to see Eric in her bedroom. Thinking that this was just a hallucination from having his blood, she tells him to get out. It is then revealed that Eric is the one who bought her house and he’s allowed in since it’s no longer hers. He ties things up for her, and tries to buy her a new microwave, but she doesn’t accept them. He also builds himself a hole where he can sleep if he chooses. Sookie is enraged by this. She goes to Alcide for help, but finds out that he has reunited with a newly sobered Debbie, who begs for Sookie’s forgiveness for everything that happened. Sookie says she forgives Debbie, but quickly leaves after.

On her way home, she encounters a shirtless, shoeless wandering Eric. When she tries to talk to him, he tells her he doesn’t know who she is. Quickly realizing that something is wrong, Sookie says she will bring Eric home with her, but only if he doesn’t touch or bite her. Sookie calls Pam, who rushes over. Pam tells Sookie she cannot tell Bill, and that she has to hide Eric because she believes that Bill wants to harm or kill Eric. Reluctantly agreeing, Sookie says she will hide Eric.

Sookie struggles to control Eric, as he is like a child without his memories, and he winds up killing her “Fairy Godmother” Claudette on accident by drinking all of her blood and turning her to ash. He then turns to Sookie, who tells him he has to back off because he gave her his word about touching and biting. He runs away, drunk on Fairy blood. With help from Alcide, Sookie finds him during the day swimming happily, until the Fairy blood wears off and he starts burning.

Later, as Sookie is trying to console a depressed Eric, he says that if she kissed him he would never be sad again. Before that happens, they are interrupted by Bill, who is searching for Eric. Sookie lies to him, telling him she hasn’t seen him or know where he is. Later that night, Eric has a dream that frightens him and goes to Sookie to be consoled. Sookie tells him she doesn’t think he’s evil. Later that evening, they share their first kiss…which led to more heavy petting, which was interrupted by Bill bursting through the door. Eric and Bill begin to fight, only stopping when Eric asks who Bill is. Bill, realizing that Eric isn’t faking that he doesn’t know who he is, takes Eric into custody and fights with Sookie over her lie and what had happened between them in the previous season.

After that whole ordeal, Sookie goes to work the next day but is late. Tommy (in Sam’s form, being a Skinwalker) fires her. Sookie goes to see Jason, who is handcuffed to his bed, fearing he might turn into a Were-Panther. Sookie and him sit together and wait for him to transform, but before he could he asks Sookie to grab him another beer. Once Sookie goes inside Jason runs away. Running through the forest trying to find Jason, Sookie comes across Alcide and Debbie going to meet with their new pack. They tell her that Jason couldn’t turn into a Were-Panther from being bit, and she happily goes to find Jason to tell him the good news. She runs into Eric who is free from Bill and they make love in the woods. They have a difficult discussion about whether Eric should have his memories returned to him or not, and Sookie says she wants him to remember who he is. Bill shows up at Sookie’s house to tell them that Eric needs to be silvered during the day, as the witch Antonia is planning on bringing all the vampires to meet the sun.

During the day, Eric begs Sookie to let him free of the silver, because the magic is powerful and he wants to meet the sun. Sookie cries, and refuses. After Antonia’s spell has died down, Eric realizes he hasn’t fed since Claudette, so Sookie says he can bite her, but she will hold silver just in case. After he feeds, he bites his palm and has her drink some of his blood. Since Eric is so old, his blood is potent, and when they make love Sookie begins to have hallucinations.

Afterwards, they go to see Bill, who has made negotiations with Antonia to meet in the graveyard at midnight. Sookie, after debating with the two vampires, follows. A fight breaks out, Sookie is shot and is picked up by Alcide. He takes her back to her house, where Bill comes and feeds her his blood. Now with both of the vampires blood in her system, Sookie realizes she is in love with both Eric and Bill. Eric has been taken control of by Antonia, and Bill has the Festival of Tolerance to hold. Sookie finds out that Antonia is keeping Tara and the other witches hostage and is going to have Eric kill Bill. Sookie runs to the Festival of Tolerance to stop things and finds that Eric is about to attack Bill. Using her fairy powers, she is able to cure Eric of the spell. She realized to gain access to that power the ones she loves will have to be threatened. Eric has his memories back, plus the memories of him and Sookie together. He tries to convince her that he still loves her, and she says she loves him too but is confused as to what to do because of Bill. Bill decides they are going to blow up the store that Antonia owns, which is also where she is keeping the other witches hostage.

Sookie tries to stop things, but Bill brushes past her. Sookie then goes to Jason, LaFayette and Jesus for help. Tara manages to get the spell undone long enough for her and Hollie to run out of Moon Goddess and greet Sookie and LaFayette with hugs. Antonia stabilizes and teleports the four of them back into Moon Goddess.  Bill, Pam, Eric and Jessica are all walking to blow up the store. Jason stops them, saying Sookie is inside. Antonia uses Sookie as bait, to get the vampires to kill themselves.

The vampires try to attack, but Antonia/Marnie stops them by using a spell, forcing the witches and Sookie into a circle. Sookie hears Jason tell her to stop with her telepathic powers, and uses her fairy power once again to stop the circle. Marnie says she did it on purpose (it was an accident) and lights a ring of fire around Sookie. Terrified, Sookie screams for help, which Bill and Eric can feel her fear. Jesus manages to unbind Antonia from Marnie, the spell is broken, and Marnie is dead.

That night, Marnie possesses LaFayette (more on that later) and goes off to kill the vampires Bill and Eric. Sookie has returned to work with Sam apologizing for not acting himself the day “he” fired Sookie. Sookie is approached by Alcide, who tells her that Debbie is no longer in his life and that he wants to try and date Sookie. Sookie tries to decline, but before they really can talk Alcide has a phone call that pulls him away from the bar. Continuing into her day, she talks with Hollie outside when Tara comes up and tells them that Marnie has possessed LaFayette and killed one of their own. They rush into Tara’s car, where Sookie cannot get a hold of Eric or Bill. They go to Bill’s house, where Marnie has them staked and ready to burn. The three of them conjure a spell, asking help of those of the dead, when Gran and Antonia appear to take Marnie into the afterlife (with some struggle.) Sookie begs Gran to stay, but she leaves her, stating that “We’re all alone at the end.”

Later, both vampires, Eric and Bill, are feeding off of her to regain their power when she decides to have the talk with both of them, stating that she loves them both and there was no winning in that situation, that someone was going to get hurt. She winds up walking away from both vampires, who don’t know how to react.  She walks into her house, and calls for Tara, who is staying with her. She hears a noise, and turns around to see Debbie staring at her, pointing a shotgun at her. She fires the gun and Tara dives in front of the bullet. Sookie tackles Debbie and wrestles the gun away from her to shoot her in the head. Sookie then runs to Tara, holding her and screaming for help. During this time, Bill and Eric have teamed up against Nan Flannigan, who has been fired from the AVL and the Authority. She came to warn them that she was there to bring them to the true death, but that she wanted to save them by creating a team of anti-AVL and Authority vampires. In response, Bill staked Nan and Eric killed her guards.

Sam and Tommy:

Sam and Tommy had a rough end at Season 3 with Sam shooting Tommy. Luckily though, he only hit his leg, and Tommy wasn’t too badly injured. Tommy now stays at Maxine Fortenberry’s home, taking up residence where Hoyt has left. Mrs. Fortenberry is teaching him how to read, and get in touch with the Lord. Sam is in an “anger management” group, which is a group of shifters who meet regularly to vent and run in a pack. In the group is the lovely Luna, who is closed off but who Sam finds attractive. Luna tells the story on how she became a Skinwalker; by killing her mother during childbirth she is able to shift into other people.

Later on, Tommy goes to see Melinda after receiving notice that she left Joe Lee. They spend the day together, a happy reunion, until it turns out that she lied, and Joe Lee sneaks up behind Tommy and begins strangling him with a chain. Tommy retaliates, hitting Joe Lee repeatedly. Melinda tries to stop the struggle, but Tommy pushes her off of him and she hits her head. Looking down, he sees that he killed Joe Lee, and accidentally killed his mother. He runs to Sam for help, and reluctantly, Sam agrees to help Tommy out. They decide to throw the bodies in the swamp, and after a little bit of trouble from Andy Bellefleur, they are able to successfully dump the bodies.

Later, Tommy gets word that there is oil under Mrs. Fortenberry’s land and begins scheming on ways that he could get his hands on the money. While staying at Sam’s place, he shifts into Sam’s form, and begins playing out Sam’s life, including firing Sookie and making love to Luna, and then being a jerk to her. After he shifts back into his own form, he gets very ill and runs a high fever and then finally passes out. Sam finds him on the floor of his trailer and rushes him to the hospital, not knowing any of the things that Tommy did through the day.

Later on, Sam goes to see Luna, and is very confused why Luna is being hostile towards him. After some discussion, they figure out that Tommy is a Skinwalker, and has been messing with Sam’s life. Sam comes home to see Tommy passed out in his trailer, and after waking him up, fights him and tells him to stay out of his life and to stay away. In response, Tommy goes to Mrs. Fortenberry’s and steals some clothes and jewelry to continue on the scam to make money off of her property.

Sam meets Marcus, Luna’s ex, who threatens him to stay away from his family. Tommy is in the bar writing a goodbye letter to Sam when Marcus comes in to tell Sam he wants to meet him at Marcus’ bike shop. Tommy says that Sam will be there, and then shifts into Sam’s form. During the confrontation at Marcus’ shop, Tommy gets beaten up and the only reason it was stopped was because Alcide was there. Alcide rushes to take Tommy to the hospital, but Tommy tells him he just wants to go to the bar. Alcide calls Sam, and the two of them try to have Tommy hang on, but Tommy ultimately dies. Sam swears revenge on Marcus for what he has done, and Alcide leads Sam to him.

At the bike shop, they wait for Marcus, and Luna comes in crying, saying Emma (her daughter) is missing and so is Marcus. Emma calls Luna from Alcide’s house phone, and they all rush over to meet them. Luna takes Emma outside while Sam and Marcus fight upstairs. Sam let’s Marcus live, saying that he wants him to live with what he’s done, but Marcus reaches for the gun and goes to shoot Sam. Alcide tackles Marcus, breaking his neck. Later, Sam lays Tommy to rest with Mrs. Fortenberry, Luna and Emma coming to the gravesite. After saying goodbye to Luna, there are werewolves standing behind Sam, growling.

LaFayette and Jesus:

With some persistance, Jesus has convinced LaFayette to join a coven with him over at Moon Goddess with his friend Marnie Stonebrook leading. It turns out to be something that isn’t so good, because his first night there they try to bring a bird back to life, and succeed. Their second night there Eric shows up, who still intimidates LaFayette after what happened to him in Season 2. Scared for retaliation from the vampires after Marnie/Antonia erased Eric’s memory, they flee to Mexico to talk to Jesus’ grandfather, another brujo like Jesus. They discover that LaFayette is a Medium, which is why he see’s spirits, and it is found that he can be possessed by the spirits. Rejuvenated by their discovery, they return to Bon Temps to find things in disarray with Marnie/Antonia and Tara and the witches, and spirits haunting LaFayette even more than usual.

LaFayette gets possessed by a woman named Mavis, who never got to see her child after death, and wanted to say goodbye. Using LaFayette as her body and Jesus to guide her, they free her soul and her child’s soul of torment, much to everyone’s amazement and what they called a miracle.

Later a plan is hatched between LaFayette, Jesus, Sookie and Jason to get into Moon Goddess to try and “free” Marnie of Antonia, and rescue the hostages as well. Jesus automatically wins trust over with Marnie, but not Antonia, and has to walk through a barrier which shows his Brujo side before he can enter the area. He speaks with Marnie, who tells him that this is what she wanted, much to his dismay.

After everyone is teleported in by Antonia, LaFayette and Jesus concoct a plan to release Antonia from Marnie, who has bound Antonia to herself. They use Casey, a girl that Marnie had just killed, to do a complicated spell that uses Jesus’ Brujo form. They are successful in breaking the binding, and the vampires kill Marnie. Later that night, Jesus and LaFayette are discussing everything that happened, and Jesus wept for his friend Marnie, who she was before the binding. As they started to drift off to sleep, LaFayette looked up to see Marnie floating above him, before possessing him.

That morning, Jesus, unaware of the transformation that took place the night before, makes LaFayette breakfast and apologizes for forcing him into a coven. He leans in for a kiss goodbye and realizes it is not LaFayette, but Marnie. Marnie stabs him in the hand and ties him up. She says she wants his magic, and using LaFayette’s body, kills him to get it. LaFayette is saved by Gran and Antonia, pulling Marnie’s spirit out. In the end, you see him talking to Jesus in spirit form, and struggling with survivors guilt.

 Jason, Jessica and Hoyt:

It has been a year, and Jessica and Hoyt are still living together and fighting a lot. Jason has been named the new Ghost Daddy of the Were-Panther tribe of Hotshot, and is being bit and raped repeatedly to try and father new children with a Were-Panther seed. When a young girl comes in for her turn, he convinces her to let him go, and he escapes, although Felton and Crystal are soon on his trail. He manages to kill Felton, and Crystal says he’ll be back once the full moon hits.

Due to blood loss and exhaustion, he passes out on the side of the road, to be rescued by Jessica and Hoyt. Jessica gives him her blood, reviving him and they watch over him for a couple of days. The side effect is that now Jason can’t get Jessica out of his head. Jessica cheats on Hoyt, going to Fangtasia and drinking another man’s blood, but glamours the fight out of Hoyt’s mind.

Later, she’s feeling guilty, and Hoyt goes to Jason to talk about how she’s pulling away from him. Jason, realizing his feelings for Jessica, tells him that maybe he’s just paranoid. The full moon is coming soon, and Jason goes into panic mode because he is afraid he is going to turn into a panther and hurt people. Because Jessica has given him her blood, she can feel this and rushes to his aid.

There is no physical hanky-panky but emotionally they both know that they have feelings for each other. Because she can’t handle the guilt anymore, Jessica breaks up with Hoyt, and he reacts poorly with a lot of anger. He throws her out, and she runs to Jason. Jason, who had just saved her from the sun and shared a kiss with her, throws her out as well, sticking to the “Bros before Hoes” concept. Jessica, scared and with no where to go, goes and stays with Bill. Later on, Hoyt goes to Jason, asking him to bring Jess her stuff back and also asking if he could stay with him, because he feels his home is haunted by Jess and he can’t take feeling her there anymore. Jason agrees to let him stay but still feels awkward because he is dealing with his own feelings for Jessica. He brings the box over to Bill’s, and with only a little bit of discussion, they end up hooking up in the back of Jason’s truck. Jason feels guilty automatically, and asks Jess to glamour what happened out of his head, but Jessica is insulted and also feeling guilty, so she tells him that he has to deal with it himself.

Jason, who goes to stay with Sookie for a few days while Hoyt continues to regain his composure at Jason’s place, decides that the best thing to do is to tell Hoyt and not let it fester inside. He tells him, which results in him getting beaten up by Hoyt. Later, Jess comes over to talk to Jason, and sees what happened. She tells him she didn’t ask him to do that and he knows, but he felt better to get it off of his chest then to let it continue to bother him.

During the Vampires vs. Witches showdown at the Moon Goddess, Pam tries to launch a rocket at the shield that Antonia had put up. It explodes, causing all the vampires to fly back, but also Jason to go blind and lose feeling in his legs. Even though Jessica is still mad at him, she gives him her blood to heal him. After his sight and feelings return, and the showdown is over, he tells Jess that it was never the blood, that he always had feelings for her, but he didn’t want to hurt Hoyt with his selfishness. The next night, Jessica goes over to Jason’s in a Red Riding Hood costume, and they have sex. In the middle of things, she tells him that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him, that right now all she can give him is sex. She explains that her feelings for Hoyt still linger, and she isn’t ready to feel the bond with someone else by feeding off of Jason right away either. Jason says he is fine with that, and Jessica leaves. Not even two minutes later there is a knock at his door, and Jason, thinking it was Jess again, goes up fully nude to the door. He opens it to see Steve Newlin there, fangs extended.

Marnie and Antonia:

Throughout everything, the main focus as our “bad guy” for this season has been Marnie and Antonia. It all began peacefully with Marnie leading a coven of witches in her store called Moon Goddess. One day she found a spell to reanimate the dead, or necromancy, and wanted to try it. The spell was originally cast on a bird, which after the bird flew out of the circle, it dropped dead again. One of the witches was also a spy for the Vampire King of Louisiana…Bill Compton. The witch reported her findings to the king, which scared him into worrying that necromancy is around again, which is magic that can control vampires. He sent his sheriff, Eric Northman, to investigate and put an end to their circle and the necromancers.

Right as the circle was going to gather again, Eric walked into Moon Goddess. He told them that they are to disband, and that they are not to continue practicing necromancy. He noticed LaFayette in the room, and used him as an example as to why people should not mess with him. Marnie tried to stand up for herself, but Eric attacked her, biting her, telling her that this was not for negotiation. At this point, Antonia possessed her from the Spirit World, and used an incantation that caused Eric to lose his memory. Eric ran away, to be found by Sookie. Marnie, unsure of what happened, tries to explain this to LaFayette, Jesus and Tara, who confronted her and told her to make things right.

LaFayette, Jesus and Tara had all gone to see Pam, to tell her that this was not their doing, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pam tells Marnie that she has to reverse the spell, but Marnie doesn’t know what spell she used to begin with. With more and more pressure on her, Antonia possesses Marnie again, this time using an incantation to cause Pam to rot. Pam flees, later attacking Tara for what had happened to her. Marnie is captured by Bill and the authority, and is held captive in his mansion. While in the cell, Marnie cuts herself, trying to get Antonia to possess her again, to make her powerful. In response, Antonia shows Marnie her world, and where she came from. She was a powerful witch during the Renaissance period, and was raped and beaten, and used as food by vampires. She was to burn for being a witch, and while she was burning she used spells to pull the vampires out of their sleep in the ground during the day, and called them to the sun. She killed over 20 vampires in a 20 mile radius. She was using Marnie for her rage against the vampires for burning her, along with the other torture done to her. With Marnie’s blood spilled, she possesses Marnie fully, and uses her magic to con one of the sheriffs, also the one who raped her 400 years ago, into doing her bidding. Bill soon realizes what has happened, and orders when everyone goes to ground to be silvered for their own protection.

During the day, Antonia and her coven of vampire haters convene to bring the vampires from the ground and into the sun. Since Bill was already aware of the plan, everyone was protected, until Jessica broke free of her silver. She was rescued by Jason, but one vampire wasn’t so lucky and did meet the sun. Antonia was disappointed to find out only one vampire suffered at her hands. Bill calls Antonia to try and reach a truce, and they agree to meet in the cemetery at midnight. After both parties deemed the other untrustworthy, there is a fight in the graveyard. Antonia took full possession of Eric, and Bill told Pam she is to never harm Tara. During the fight is when Sookie is shot, and Bill goes to rescue her.

Using Eric, Antonia decides that it is time to kill the king at the Festival of Tolerance. After Sookie’s fairy power is shown, and Eric is back to normal, Antonia realizes innocent humans are being harmed, and fights to pull out of the situation. Marnie convinces her that this is just a part of war, and that they cannot give up now. Antonia grants her one more shot, but when one of the witches try to leave the Moon Goddess, Marnie throws a knife at her, killing her instantly. Antonia again tries to leave, but Marnie forces her to stay using a binding spell. She says Antonia brings her power, and after being picked on and beaten up on all of her life that’s all she wants. Jesus and LaFayette are able to break the binding spell, leaving Marnie back to her own powers, and the vampires to come into the Moon Goddess and shoot her several times. That night, she possesses LaFayette, and that morning kills Jesus for his power. She is only stopped by Antonia herself, who tells her it’s time to let go and come to the other side. She is pulled out of LaFayette’s body by Sookie’s Gran, and decides it is time to move on as well.

So that was Season 4 of True Blood. It wasn’t as chair gripping as previous season’s, but it did have some interesting aspects with a few funny moments.

How do you feel about this season? Was the Sookie and Eric’s relationship everything that you thought it would be, or did it fall flat? How do you feel about Antonia and Marnie? What do you think about the possible return of Russell Edgington for Season 5? What do you want to see in Season 5?