In the latest group of photos from the set of ‘World War Z’, we go from human flesh decay to urban decay. Brad Pitt, who plays lead character “Gerry Lane” and Mireille Enos, who plays Pitts’ onscreen wife “Karen Lane”, are seen running away from explosions and zombies in the back alleys of London. The controversial adaptation just recently moved to London to continue its production and to simulate the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

The film, directed by Marc Forster (‘Quantum of Solace’) and written by J. Michael Straczynski (‘Thor’) and Matthew Michael Carnahan (‘The Kingdom’), adapts the 2006 apocalyptic zombie book ‘World War Z’ by author Max Brooks. The book is a collection of narratives compiled by a United Nations researcher who is trying to tell the human side of the story about the zombie pandemic.

However, while the book thoughtfully touches on relevant social issues currently in our real world, the film adaptation looks to put the emphasis on the action trying to stop the war. Instead of the critical reflections of the United Nations researcher’s stories after 10 years of war with zombies and all the implications of the social, political and religious upheaval, we are most likely going to see just another expensive action film. The book certainly turned the zombie genre on its decaying head, but it doesn’t look like film can do the same.

Just in time for Christmas, ‘World War Z’ will be in theaters on December 21, 2012. Let us know your thoughts on this film adaptation.







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