‘The Fades’ is a British supernatural television series, broadcast on BBC Three and BBC HD.
Although the series is currently unavailable in the US, BBC America announced on 25 April, 2011 that it’s co-producing the new supernatural drama to premiere in January 2012.

The first of six episodes aired on 21 September 2011. In the series, an English teenager named Paul has nightmares in which he can see future events, and also seems to see dead spirits, or “Fades”. “Fades” are people who have died but are unable to move on to the afterlife, so they remain on earth unseen, where they decay away.

The first and second episodes were directed by Farren Blackburn who brought us the ‘Doctor Who  2011 Christmas special.

‘The Fades’ stars Iain de Caestecker as Paul, Natalie Dormer as Sarah, Tom Ellis as Mark and  Johnny Harris as Neil to name a few.

According to Jacob Martin of theyorker.co.uk:

“Is it as good as Being Human? That’s surely the most natural question to pop into your head when you find out that BBC3 is doing a new supernatural drama. But, since somebody thought it would be a good idea for a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost to live together (admittedly, they’re far less terrifying housemates than Kerry Katona, Amy Childs and Jedward), The Fades is only BBC3’s second foray into the dangerous realms of fantasy drama. Thankfully, it was worth the wait.”

According to Perry Simon, general manager of BBC America, it’s just a matter of focusing on what they do well.

“Science fiction is a staple of British television — there’s rich history of it, and they do it very well. As a result, BBCA has gotten a steady pipeline of quality British science fiction, and we have over the years wanted to deliver it in coherent fashion, which led us to brand ‘Supernatural Saturday.’ “

The Fades – Official Trailer – BBC Three is here!

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