‘RCVR’ hit the net last night, and made web series history! The series stars newcomer, Daniel Bonjour in the role of RCVR hunter, Luke Weber. Luke is investigating extraterrestrial encounters, or specifically a set of RCVRs who’s bodies are vessels of alien communications. Set in 1973 rural Arkansas, the props are first rate, adding a sense of realism.

David Van Eyssen created and directed the series – his plans extend well beyond the six episodes slated for weekly release every Wednesday – with some transmedia elements on various semi-secret websites, inlcuding its own: projectrcvr.com. ‘RCVR’ does not just play out in purely episodic sequence; there is their corresponding website of projectrcvr.com and a Twitter account filled with supplemental videos that just deepens the mystery for us all.

‘Little Green Men’

Arkansas, 1973, a man is talking to a local car dealer and his wife about a disturbance. He attempts to explain away the sighting with lightening or an experimental jet. Agent Weber tells them that this phenomenon can be explained 99 times out of 100. When the wife asks him, “What about the hundredth time? You said you could explain it 99 times out of a hundred, what about the  hundredth time?” To which Luke Weber replies, “Little Green Men.”

As Luke drives away from the friendly couple and their used car lot, he takes out a small reel to reel recorder, and begins listening as he drives and listens to himself speaking with a woman. She begins to say a mathematical equation when he interrupts her. She digresses, and starts again; “It starts out like dreams, I’m never sure if I’m asleep- blood, noise, lights.”

As the recording continues, Luke Weber stops at a roadside store for alcohol, cigarettes and candy bars… the breakfast of champions it would appear. As the lady’s voice continues we see Luke getting a hotel room, she begins again to recite the mathematical constant, his voice interrupts her yet again. “No…” she explains in obvious frustration; “that’s what goes through your head, day and night – that’s how you know you’re chosen! It just keeps coming, crowding everything else out of you, your thoughts, your memories.”

We see Luke preparing his hotel room, most likely in much the same fashion as he always does. He grabs a glass for his Jack Daniels, tosses his smokes on the bed with his research and pours himself a glass. He opens the bible drawer and places his handgun on the bible, closing it only part way – for quick and easy access. Hey, who hasn’t done that?

“I know it’ll end, I’ll die, and they’ll activate another RCVR.” says the mysterious woman on the recording, “When, how will we know when there’s a new one?” Luke says, receiving frustrated grunts from her. As he grabs his glass and plops down on the bed to have a drink, she begins again, “9… 18… 74… the gelding… Momma.”

Agent Weber rewinds the reel to reel machine on to hear her repeat, “9… 18… 74… the gelding… Momma.”

As the television plays it’s sign off message, as was typical of the early seventies, Luke has fallen asleep. Suddenly the TV roars back to life in a flash of images, and the recorder springs back to life. A surge of energy builds up and the lamp pops, shattering the bulb. A bright light appears outside his window as he finally awakens. He attempts to grab for his gun, but is whisked into the air, pressed against the wall of his hotel room. He continues to slide upwards, to the ceiling, then across the expanse of the ceiling to the other side of room where he falls to the ground, smashing the television set.

This concludes our broadcast day, and I, for one, am looking forward to next Wednesday and another exciting episode of ‘RCVR!’  Here’s the video below if you’d like to check it out for yourself. Let us know what you think of the episode! For more information on this incredible web series, see our: Web Series ‘RCVR’ Premieres September 21 article with some more background information.

‘RCVR: Little Green Men’ Web Series Premiere