When we last saw Peter Bishop, he mysteriously disappeared in the season 3 finale of ‘Fringe’. Well, it looks like he’s been writing comics while he’s been gone as DC Entertainment has unveiled the first issue of the digital comic ‘Beyond the Fringe’ which was written by Joshua Jackson himself!

This direct to digital comic issue marks the debut of Jackson as a comic book writer. His story arc is called ‘Peter and the Machine.’ Hank Kanalz, senior vice president of digital for DC Entertainment, says of this collaboration, “We received a great response from fans to previous ‘Fringe’ comics, and I’m especially excited to see their reaction to ‘Beyond the Fringe’ as we further integrate the story into the mythos of the show. And of course, we’re thrilled to be working with Josh Jackson in his debut as a comic book writer.”  You can see a two page excerpt of the first issue below without speech balloons that were provided by Warner Bros and DC Entertainment to EW.

‘Beyond the Fringe’ takes place between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 and will consist of two storylines. The ‘A’ stories will focus on events tied directly to the show while the ‘B’ stories will explore “what if” scenarios (like what would happen if a different decision was made or if an event took another direction). The stories will alternate every two weeks for a total of 14 issues.  Jackson’s story will encompass the first 3 issues of the ‘A’ story releases.  Below is a full schedule of when  issues will be available for download:

Sept. 21: Part 1 of Jackson’s “Peter and the Machine”
Oct. 5: The first “B” storyline issue.
Oct. 19: Part 2 of Jackson’s “Peter and the Machine”
Nov. 2: “B” storyline issue
Nov. 16: Final part of Jackson’s “Peter and the Maching”
Nov. 30: “B” storyline issue
Dec. 14: “A” storyline issue
Dec. 28: “B” storyline issue

——- In 2012 ——–

Jan. 4:  “A” storyline issue
Jan. 25: “B” storyline issue
Feb. 8: “A” storyline issue
Feb. 22: “B” storyline issue
March 7: Final “A” storyline issue
March 21: Final “B” storyline issue

‘Beyond the Fringe’ is available for $0.99/issue and can be downloaded at read.dccomics.com or through the DC Comics app on mobile phones. And don’t forget to comeback back here each week for the recap of the series ‘Fringe’!

(images courtesy of DC Comics and Warner Bros)