The year is 2095. After the devastation caused by the third World War, and many centuries of devastation brought on by Mother Earth’s blind and uncaring human progeny, man is now looking for a new home. Countless centuries of pollutants, wars, deep mantle mining, and general disregard for our planet have rendered the Earth virtually uninhabitable.

‘Breathing Space’ attempts to bring us a warning; the planet Earth is the only one we have, and if we wish to continue living as we have been, the repercussions will be staggering.

Triton Station is Planet Earth’s sole contingency for the continued existence of mankind. Captain John Lewis and his crew are on an unrelenting quest to find that ever-elusive needle in the universe sized pile of… other needles.

The Space Station Triton has been sending out probes, traveling at light speed to designated planets mapped out by Earth’s greatest minds in hopes of finding an “M Class Planet” capable of sustaining life. Exodus CR103, a probe sent to the Target Star Luyten 726-8A/B, begins transmitting its data back to Triton.

Exodus reveals a planet nearly twice the size of Earth, but most importantly, meets or exceeds nearly every requirement. As the probe glides over the planets surface, large fields of grass are revealed. Open prairies and massive bodies of water are found, making up oceans that also meet the requirements necessary to sustain human life. As the probe continues its examination of the planets surface, colossal creatures very much like the Mammoths of Earths ancient past come into view!

It seems Earth’s big brother is not only capable of sustaining human life; it is also home to various creatures that may be utilized in many ways. Further the probe penetrates into the unknown and heretofore undiscovered country, until immense structures pyramid in shape, slowly come into view – along with its strange inhabitants!

As Captain Lewis fights to remain on Triton, he struggles to overcome his grief over losing his wife. The strength of John’s character prevails, and his mission to the new Earth continues. As his team ventures towards this new Earth, we become acquainted with Katie O’ Hara, Linda Baker and Sean Flannigan. When the team finally lands on the planet, they discover one of the massive Elephant-like mammals eviscerated by what appears to be a very successful predator.

John leads his team to the scattering of pyramids to asses the situation and “meet the locals.” Upon further inspection of the inner sanctum of one of the structures, the intricate hieroglyphs tell of a race of beings apparently worshiped by the indigene of this planet – a race one member of the team recognizes as “Grays” – the small, frail aliens straight out of  the X-Files!

The team heads out the next day, Stargate SG-1 style to visit the nearby village seen from the probes flyover. They are greeted by the villagers, a stocky, muscular and hairy race of individuals; the first contact is friendly, a meal is shared, followed the next morning by the first real attempts at communication from the aliens.

They tell a story in the best way they can, scrawling symbols into the firm dirt floor of the hut. Katie, a linguist, believes she recognizes what they are trying to say. As the headman draws two circles over the pyramids, after erasing the Grays ship, he redraws the circles and erases again four times, leading Katie to believe that the Grays will return – however she is unclear as to when exactly, 4 days? Or does it mean weeks, months, or even years until the Grays return?

These answers and more come shortly after an extended hunting trip with the alien life forms we now know as the “Toborg.” As the Toborg prepare for the arrival of the Grays, John and his team do the same, although nothing can quite prepare us for what comes next!

‘Book One of the Exodus Trilogy’ brings the human race face to face with the knowledge we have sought after since our time began. Our origins, and our future are laid out before us in this intriguing tale by the author. The secrets of Earth’s history is finally given a voice. This book will be highly entertaining to Stargate fans, as I for one, have discovered a happy similarity in style and function.

‘Breathing Space’ has received many great reviews and is a welcome addition to the science fiction book genre. Personally, I will be waiting for books two and three with much anticipation!

Ian Fydell is a charismatic and passionate writer, and we would be remiss not to include a bit of his background here to familiarize yourself with his genius;

Ian Fydell is a New York-based writer. Breathing Space is his first book. Look for Resistance and Revelation 2132, which will complete the Exodus Trilogy. Born and raised in Queens NY, creative fiction has always drawn him. He had a varied career as a stockbroker, a caretaker for special-needs children, and a Post Office employee before becoming a full-time writer. While Fydell is not a scientist, his wide and varied interests keep him informed about science and contribute to the convincing details in his writing.

For more information about Ian and his amazing work, please visit his website: You can buy your copy from his site, or from, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.