Looks like another DC Comics hero is coming to the small screen in the form of ‘The Spectre’. According to Deadline, Fox has given the go ahead for a script to be written, which if deemed suitable by executives, may lead into a pilot.

The script will be written by Brandon Camp (‘John Doe’) who is listed to also executive produce alongside with Bill Gerber (‘Gran Torino’). This isn’t the first time Fox has placed a comic book superhero on its schedule. Fox had previously collaborated with DC Comics to bring ‘Human Target’ to the small screen which lasted 2 seasons before being cancelled.

Although not as well-known as Batman and Superman, the Spectre first appeared in the 1940’s and centered around the spirit of a former police officer who was murdered and sent back to earth to hunt down criminals on behalf of the dead and soon to be dead mortals. He then serves the criminals he catches the ultimate form of punishment once they are found.  It hasn’t been said if the show will follow the original Spectre format with Jim Corrigan as the cop or if they will take on the more modern version, where various spirits of the dead could turn in to the Spectre. At one point, former Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was the Spectre in a few issues.

The latter would make for an interesting series taking on the same format as Doctor Who where the lead could be played by various actors thus opening up for more storylines. Regardless, it may be some time before we will see the final project on screen. In the meantime, who would you like to have play the lead role?