‘Green Lantern’ #1 is less of a reboot and more of a renumbering, as this book picks up right where the War of the Green Lanterns left off. In case you missed it, Hal Jordan was stripped of his ring of power after killing Krona. Then to pour a big old vat of salt in his wounds, Hal’s own ring chose Sinestro of all people to be the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814.

We join Sinestro and the Guardians in their citadel just after they have forced him to recite the Green Lantern Oath. He then promptly demands they remove the ring. The Guardians are up to something; they tell Sinestro the ring is giving him a chance at redemption while secretly planning something new, only Ganthet stands in their way.

First, I love that Sinestro is a Green Lantern again. It could add a whole new level of intrigue to the book. Second, I really hope they keep him a GL for more than just a few issues, I’d hate for this to be some “stunt”. Anyway, Sinestro is a member of the Corps once more for the time being.

Back on Earth, Hal Jordan is attempting to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Being a Green Lantern has kept him from being a productive member of society and now he is paying for that. Let’s recap, Hal has no job, no money, no car and no credit rating. Oh, and he totally pissed Carol Ferris off when asking her to co-sign a loan for a car. Crazy right?

If all that weren’t bad enough, Hal is having superhero withdrawal. So much so, he leaps from his 7th story apartment across the street through the window when he thinks a woman is in trouble. Too bad he ends up ruining a movie shoot for his troubles. Still it was pretty awesome to see him try to be a hero no matter what his status with the GL Corps.

What would a Green Lantern book featuring Sinestro be without Sinestro running into a few members of his own Corps? Crossing jurisdiction to Sector 1417 the newest Green Lantern checks in on his home world of Korugar, only to find it enslaved by the wielders of the Yellow Light of Fear.

Doug Mahnke knocks the pencils out of the park in this first issue, and honestly other than Ethan Van Sciver, there is no one I’d want drawing Green Lantern. He just has a way of capturing the epicness of outer space, the Corps and the overall grand adventure that is Green Lantern. As good as the art was in this book, Geoff Johns seems to be back on his GL game. Maybe that brief Flashpoint interlude gave him some much needed perspective.

So, this is a must buy and must add to your monthly list, but let’s all be honest with each other; Green Lantern was already on your list and you really don’t have to do anything but enjoy. If you are looking for a reason to add this book if you don’t have it… the last page of the issue will give you everything you need to know about why you should have this book in your collection.

Green Lantern#1
Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Doug Mahnke
Inks by Christian Alamy with Tom Nguyen
Colors by David Baron
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Pardo with Rod Reis