For fans of the Star Wars franchise, the last season of ‘The Clone Wars’ was something extraordinary. Not only did it contain great villains, epic battles and political conspiracies but it also brought back one of the franchise’s most beloved character- Chewbaca! Now the wait is over as the fourth season of the show will be returning to the Cartoon Network on Friday, September 16.

So what are we to expect in season 4? Well, according to Dave Filoni, the second half of last season will set the tone for this one. The storylines will return to the actual Clone War between the Republic and the Separatists with more espionage and battles. Many of the stories will also be told in three episode arcs so as to expand the plot.

If you’re as excited as I am for this premiere, let me know below! And, if you haven’t had a chance to catch this critically acclaimed CB animated series from George Lucas and Lucasfilm Animation, then you are truly missing out on this Star Wars experience! This is not your average Saturday kids’ morning show. Season 4 of ‘The Clone Wars’ will premiere on the Cartoon Network at 8 pm ET/PT with a special one hour episode. For a preview of what to expect, watch the trailer below: