In surprising and hopeful news to fans of ‘Locke & Key’, word has it that the yet to be seen pilot and series may possibly have a home on MTV. Last month a DVD of the pilot was given to programming chief, David Joanollari, and according to a source, he liked it. No meeting has been made with the producers of the pilot so as of right now, the two sides have not spoken.

The last time we heard about supernatural thriller ‘Locke & Key’, Fox had passed on picking up the show thinking it would be too costly to make. The producers then tried to shop it to other networks in the hopes of keeping it alive. The Syfy channel at first showed some interest but ultimately also passed on the project. Then at San Diego Comic-Con in July, IDW (the publishers of the ‘Locke & Key’ comic series) decided to screen the pilot and advertised the screening as the “one-time-only screening of the entire pilot will show you just what a void there will be on your TVs this fall.”

Still keeping the hope alive, the news of MTV’s possible interest is a big plus. If MTV doesn’t pick up the series, the pilot may end up in the void that all other unaired pilots go to, never to be seen again. Regardless, if news of the project does move forward, we will let you know!

And just to let you see what you may be missing, here’s a trailer from the pilot: