John Malkovich, who we last saw in ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ has signed on for a role in ‘Warm Bodies’ reports Deadline. The film, an adaptation of Isaac Marion’s novel of the same name, follows the story of a zombie who becomes romantically involved with the girlfriend of one of his victims. The film version is written and directed by Jonathan Levine (’50/50’) and stars Nicholas Holt (‘X-Men First Class’) and Teresa Palmer (‘I Am Number Four’) as the zombie and his lady respectively. Malkovich will play Palmer’s father.

This seems like it could be a fun flick along the lines of the 2004 indie zom-com ‘Zombie Honeymoon’. The novel has received praise from both Stephanie Meyer (‘Twilight’) and Simon Pegg (‘Shaun of the Dead’). Since I love the latter and loathe the former, I’m not sure what to take of that.

From the cover to ‘Warm Bodies’:

“I never thought I could care so passionately for a zombie … the most unexpected romantic lead I’ve ever encountered.” – Stephanie Meyer

“A mesmerizing evolution of a classic contemporary myth.” – Simon Pegg

With the ‘Twilight Saga’ films coming to a close this November, do you think a zombie will be the next monster romanticized by Hollywood? Or will this movie be something entirely unexpected?