Are you still holding your breath from last week? This week probably won’t let you off any easier. It is the week before the season finale and True Blood is known for its cliffhanger endings. Last week we saw the death of Tommy, who was beaten badly by Marcus and his werewolf gang. Alcide turned on the Shreveport wolves by bringing Sam to them for revenge. We saw Sookie, LaFayette, Tara and Hollie get teleported somewhere. The final thing we saw was Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica climb out of a van armed to the teeth and ready to blow Moon Goddess Emporium out of the water. So, the questions remained: Are the vampires going to blow up Moon Goddess with innocent people inside? Where did Sookie, LaFayette, Tara and Holly go? Will Alcide find out about Marcus and Debbie? Will Sam kill Marcus? Let’s find out.

This week starts off right where we left off, with the vampires Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam walking in to blow up Moon Goddess. Inside, Sookie, LaFayette, Jesus, Tara, Holly and the witches being held hostage are panicking, and want to leave. Marnie (we determined last week that Marnie really is the one in charge since Antonia does not want to harm innocent people) says that anyone can leave. She tosses a knife onto the floor saying to use it against the vampires. One of the witches, Casey, tries to leave but Marnie throws the knife into her chest, killing her. Antonia flees from Marnie, which LaFayette describes as “Marnie just puked a bitch out”, and the two of them argue. Antonia wants nothing to do with it anymore, since Marnie just killed one of their own. Marnie claims it was self defense, but Antonia still wants to be gone. Marnie performs a binding spell with Antonia, which Jesus says is a very, very bad thing.

Meanwhile, Sam is confronting the werewolf about his brother’s death. Luna comes in screaming and looking for Marcus because their daughter, Emma, is gone. The werewolf doesn’t know the whereabouts of Marcus. Back at Alcide’s house, Marcus is telling Debbie to leave with him and Emma. Marcus promises to get Debbie off of V and to give her children, since that is what is what Alcide will not give her and what is missing from her life. Marcus says that Debbie can be Emma’s mom, since the girl is a wolf and not a shifter. Debbie refuses, telling Marcus that she loves Alcide. She does admit that she had sex with Marcus though. While Marcus and Debbie are talking, Emma calls Luna using Alcide’s phone, which Alcide recognizes on Luna’s cell phone. Alcide, Luna, and Sam rush to Alcide’s house, where Luna takes Emma outside while Sam and Alcide confront Marcus and Debbie. Because he knows her past so well, Alcide just knows that Debbie has slept with Marcus. Sam throws down his gun and he and Marcus get into a fistfight. Sam winds up knocking Marcus out but he doesn’t kill him, saying that he wants Marcus to live with what he did. Marcus’ eyes change color as he grabs the gun and fires at Sam. Alcide tackles Marcus, snapping his neck and killing him. He then renounces his relationship with Debbie. Sam walks out to Luna and Emma, and Emma asks where her dad is.

Still groggy and angry after last week’s attempt to get off of V, Andy Bellefleur  is muttering to himself on his long walk home. He sees mysterious lights as a fairy appears in front of him. The fairy gives him a warning not to come any closer and, when Andy takes a step, she uses her powers to attack him. When we next see Andy, the fairy is sitting on top of him. She tells him her name is Morella and she says, “Before we can make love, I must know that I can trust you.” She lights up her finger, and he touches it. His whole arm lights up, and they make love. Later, Andy comes home to where Arlene has been panicking about where he’s been. She tells Andy that Terry is out driving around trying to find him. Andy tells her about what happened. Arlene thinks that it’s drug withdrawl and tells Andy that he should go to the hospital. Arlene tells Andy whats real before going off to call Terry.

Back at Moon Goddess Emporium, Jason runs to stop the vampires, warning them that there is a barrier spell cast around the store. He tells the vamps that Sookie is inside Moon Goddess, which is followed by a chorus of “Fucking Sookie” from the vampires. Jason stands up for Sookie, reminding the vamps how Sookie took care of Eric and saved Bill’s life. After he shows them their wrongs, they are attacked by the two “zombiefied” vampires from Antonia.

Inside, Jesus reveals that Casey, the witch Marnie tried to kill with the knife, still has a pulse. With Marnie’s permission, he pulls her into a back room with LaFayette and says he’s going to try and help her. LaFayette realizes that Casey is already dead and Jesus says that he knows. Jesus says that Casey’s death will not be in vain and that he is going to use her to pull Antonia’s soul out of Marnie’s body. Sookie and Holly talk to Marnie who she says she has been a doormat to people and that she likes that people fear her now. She enjoys the power. Sookie manages to convince Marnie to negotiate with the vampires, who have already staked the “zombiefied” vampires. Sookie steps outside with Marnie to mediate the negotiation. Marnie tells the vamps that she will let Sookie go if Eric and Bill kill themselves, to which they both agree. The plan is that Bill will shoot Eric, and Pam will shoot Bill. Pam, panicking at the thought of losing her maker, runs to the truck, grabs a rocket launcher, and fires it into the magical barrier surrounding Moon Goddess. The rocket backfires and knocks everyone on the outside off of their feet. Marnie refuses to negotiate any futher. Jesus and LaFayette continue the spell in the back room of the Emporium. Jesus tells LaFayette to not take anything he that says while he is performing the spell personally since he does not know what will happen. Outside, Jason is badly injured and blind after the rocket explosion. Jessica runs over and gives him her blood and Jason instantly begins to heal.

Marnie, using the blood left on the floor after Casey’s death, spins a spell to see what’s going on with the vampires outside. She then asks to see what happens in the future and she is given a vision of a bullet in her head. She forces the witches to circle up and Sookie is reluctant. In the back room, Jesus begins carving runes into his arm to perform his spell. He tells LaFayette to tie one of Marnie’s scarfs to his wrists and pour ashes on the runes. Marnie begins chanting and takes control of the vampires and forces them to start moving towards the barrier which will kill them with one touch as it is basically magical sunlight. Jason leaps into action and tries holding the four vampires back. Sookie, using her fairy powers, breaks the witch’s circle and thus Marnie’s hold over the vamps. Eric, angry with Pam, banishes her from his sight. Marnie becomes irate with Sookie and encircles her in flames. Bill and Eric pop their fans fangs when they sense Sookie’s pain and fear. Their reaction sends Jason into a panic. Inside, Jesus’ spell is working and he manages to pull Antonia out of Marnie. Marnie sobs at her loss and the barrier is completely broken. Bill and Eric go inside after the witches. Sookie stops Bill and Eric from harming any of the other witches, explaining to the vampires that they witches are hostages. Marnie’s only remaining follower stands in front of her, stating if the vamps want Marnie they will have to go through him. Eric responds by pulling out his heart and drinking from it in front of Marnie. Marnie stares at the two vampires saying, “No one lives forever, not even you!” before she is shot several times including a final shot to the head.

Jesus mourns the loss of Marnie because, as you will recall, she was a close friend to him before the Antonia madness began. Eric glamours some of the bystanders that have gathered to see what the ruckus was about. Jason sits in the shop and talks to Jessica, thanking her for saving him again. He admits to her that, even without her blood, she is all he thinks about. Neither of them know what to do about that.

Later that night in bed, LaFayette tells Jesus that his magic kind of freaked him out and that he doesn’t want to see that again. Jesus is still mourning Marnie but LaFayette reassures him, saying that he saved people tonight. The two of them lie down and, when LaFayette looks up, Marnie is floating above him. He tries to resist her but Marnie possesses him.

What did you think of this weeks ending? Did you think it was easily predicted or were you surprised? Do you think Debbie will retaliate for losing Alcide? How do you think Luna is going to react to Marcus’ death? How do you think that LaFayette/Marnie is going to take charge? Next week is the season finale so leave a comment below and tell me what you think is going to happen! True Blood is known for leaving us on the edge of our seat and waiting for the next season. Do you think they will do that again this year?

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