Mere weeks ago, Mattel announced that it was ending it’s highly popular DC Universe Classics line and replacing the line with a series of figures based on the character redesigns of DC Comics’ ‘New 52’.

So that they didn’t waste all the hard work that had gone into the design of their DC Classics line, Mattel opened up the ‘DC Universe Infinite Earths’ subscription service. The program would allow toy collectors, for a $30 membership fee, to sign up to get 13 exclusive figures from the classic line. The planned line included 9 standard size 6” figures and 4 oversized figures. The final oversized figure was to be a super-special figure as the character was to be voted on by fans via the website.

The first four figures to be released were to be Red Lantern Atrocitus, Green Lantern (Jay Garrick), Poison Ivy, and Starman. The first oversized figure, as voted on by the fans, was to be Metron complete with his Moebius chair.

The catch with the subscription service was that, if not enough collectors signed up, Mattel would not create the additional 13 figures. When the deadline for subscriptions passed nearly two weeks ago, Mattel only had 60% of the subscriptions needed. It seemed as if the DC Classics line was officially dead in the water.

But rejoice, DC fans and collectors! Today on their message boards, MattyCollector announced that they’d figured out a way to extend the DC Universe Infinite Earths service even without the necessary number of subscribers. They even hinted at the idea of reopening the service to new subscribers.

Interested in adding 13 exclusive classic DC designs to your toy shelf? Keep an eye on the page in case subscriptions open up.