Well here we are, after five months the Flashpoint has finally reached the finale issue of the DC Universe shattering event. Throughout the entire event heroes and villains were in unfamiliar roles, Citizen Cold (Captain Cold in the regular DCU) went from one of the Flash’s biggest Rogues, to the Hero of Central City. Dick Grayson was raised by his parents in the circus away from the land of “Tights and Flight” only to become the Flashpoint’s Doctor Fate. The most shocking change, Dr. Thomas Wayne was this dark and violent world’s Batman; while Martha Wayne was it’s Joker. Dr. Wayne even went so far as to turn Gotham City into a criminal game preserve where he would hunt the worst of society for sport.

The fine folks over at DC Comics weren’t kidding with the tagline on the cover of Flashpoint #5… it all does change here, but how does it end?

For weeks the Flashpoint tie-ins have been telling us “to be concluded in ‘Flashpoint’ #5”. Everything in the Flashpoint has been leading to just one outcome: The Flash vs. The Reverse Flash.

The Flashpoint Universe exists because of one simple act, when Barry Allen learned Eobard Thawne (the Reverse Flash) traveled back in time to kill his mother, he (The Flash) went back to stop him. In that moment he splintered reality, throwing existence into the ugly and terrifying world of Flashpoint and it removed the link Barry and Thawne share.

The existence of the Reverse Flash has always been predicated on the existence of the Flash, because Barry Allen stopped Thawne from killing his mom he removed that link and allowed the Reverse Flash to exist outside of reality. This is of course not a good thing.

Now Thawne can use his new found “freedom” to travel in any point of space and time to kill Barry… he could even try out different timelines to kill him over and over. Needless to say he is one sick bastard.

As the two speedsters battle it out in the middle of Aquaman and Wonder Woman’s war, Batman hears it all and when it really matters he does what our DC Universe’s Batman would never do; he kills the Reverse Flash. Now, this was not an entirely unexpected outcome. The Batman Knight of Vengeance Flashpoint tie-in was not only the best part of this entire event, but one that will hopefully be revisited (but only if Brian Azzarello is allowed to continue writing it).

So now Barry knows what needs to be done, and just as he is ready to start running Superman moves in to “save the day”. This of course is just an emaciated Superman dropping in to squash The Enchantress; there was no story more unnecessary than the Project Superman (well maybe the Secret Seven, but it got off to such a bad start it wasn’t worth following).  Now that the magical trouble maker was subdued Superman was able to turn his attention to Aquaman and Wonder Woman; we of course get no resolution to this battle as the Flash must go.

Before that can happen Thomas Wayne has a gift for Barry, it is a letter to his son. It was one of the more touching events of the whole book. And with that, the Flash began his most important run ever. He just has one stop to make; he has to see his mom one last time before he can go back and stop himself from stopping his mother’s murder. I’ve said it in past reviews, the Flash family makes more sacrifices than any other group of heroes in all of comics, with a hug and a few tears Barry Allen is off to do what he does best: save reality.

With the help of the cosmic treadmill Barry is able to catch up to his past self, but when doing so he becomes the focal point of the split reality, only now there are three possible choices: The Flashpoint, The DCU and the New DCnU 52.  The Flash is left to choose, he has a 1 of 3 chance of picking correctly (well 2 of 3 really, why would he pick the Flashpoint again?).

In the moment Barry Allen wakes up at his desk in the Central City Crime Lab, everything we know about DC Comics for the past 70 years has ended. One thing, Barry Allen has memories from the Flashpoint, I hope this continues in his solo title in the DCnU. Before we can stick a fork in the Flashpoint event there is one last stop for the Flash. Barry is able to deliver a letter that has never before existed and is a gift like Bruce Wayne has never received before. The letter from Thomas Wayne to his son from beyond the grave, how will this affect Bruce Wayne as Batman?

There you have it, everything has changed… make sure to pick up the all new Justice League #1 for your first taste of this all new chapter in DC Comics, and check out our review of Justice League #1.