Looks like there will be at least one major devestation scene in Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ if these pictures and videos have anything to go by!

Just released photos of some major damage to cars, planes and buildings as well as the video of the military coming into Smallville via helicopters indicate that something big is going down in the town. Could it be part of a showdown with Zod and Faora? A couple days ago we posted some photos of Superman himself walking towards Faora so who knows! Onlookers have reported that the scene used 3 Huey helicopters and that James D Dever, President of 1 Force Inc. was there for the shooting. His company provides military advisors for movies involving military tactical scenes and it’s well known in the entertainment industry. Also on hand was director Zack Snyder which might indicate that this is an important scene as it was not left for the second unit director to film. Whatever the case, these photos do show that a big battle will ensue and that the military is called into the fold!

And here’s some video of the helicopters in action:

And in case you’re wondering what it’s like to have a major motion picture film in your neighborhood, the local  station did a report of the townspeople reaction and how the producers are concealing a lot of ‘Man of Steel’ filming:

‘Man of Steel’ is set to continue filming in Plano, Illinois through next week then the production crew will be headed to Chicago (maybe to film Metropolis scenes?). Keep coming back for more ‘Man of Steel’ news!