Universal has been looking into its vaults of movies for new ideas and has chosen to go forward in developing a reboot of the 1933 movie ‘The Invisible Man’, based on the novel by H.G. Wells.

In 2007, Universal had signed on David Goyer to write the script for the new ‘The Invisible Man.’ Goyer, whose writing credits include ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘The Man of Steel’ and ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance’,  has been wanting to get this project off the ground for some time. He has always envisioned this reboot to have the look of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes with the type of CGI seen in ‘The Mummy.’ In an interview with Hero Complex, Goyer adds that although the original movie is more of a period piece, his version will be “… a reinvention of the character in the sort of way that Stephen Sommers exploded ‘The Mummy’ into a much bigger kind of mythology. That’s kind of what we’ve done with ‘The Invisible Man.’”

At one point, there was speculation that the plot for this reboot version would involve the nephew of the original HG Wells character who discovers his uncle’s formula for invisibility and is recruited by MI: 6 as a spy.  How much of this is actually in this version of the script remains to be seen.

While still in the development stage, Universal is said to have liked Goyer’s script and the preview work that gave an idea of how some of the visual moments of some scenes would be achieved. “It’s something slowly working its way through the Universal development channels. It’s still alive,” says Goyer. “We did some pre-vis tests and things like that that they were very happy with. Now we’re going through the casting process. If they get the right lead, they’ll make it.”

So who do you think should be invisible for the lead role? With movies of lead characters having super powers overwhelming theaters, would the power of invisibility tempt you to see ‘The Invisible Man’? I’ll leave you with the trailer of the 1933 Universal version of the movie starring Claude Rains as you ponder over that: