If you don’t get a chance to run out to your local comic book store soon (don’t worry Phoenix, you still have 16 stores left), you will probably have to wait for the second printing for now sold out ‘The Bionic Man’ #1. ‘The Bionic Man’ from Dynamite Entertainment is a comic based on the Kevin Smith screenplay for a project that never saw it’s way to a movie or TV screen near you, brining the Bionic Man into the 21st century.

Should this comic have sold out? ABSOLUTELY! The writing duo of Kevin Smith and Phil Hester have their story taken to another level when you get a look at Jonathan Lau’s art work. Should you pick up this book? ABSOLUTELY! It is an impressive opening issue to a larger story, and Kevin Smith and Dynamite should be super excited to see such a great fan response to this re-imagined tale of Steve Austin.

Now, this isn’t your grandpappy’s Bionic Man; that is for sure. Colonel Steve Austin is a test pilot (ala Hal Jordan, he is even referred to as “a man without fear” in dialogue), putting Oscar Goldaman’s experimental steal bomber through the ringer on his last flight before retiring to married life.

This first issue is used to set up this new Bionic Man, the main players are introduced. We even get a glimpse at the villain of this story and the carnage he is able to cause (with a sweet ass sword no less!). When I first heard about this book I had high hopes, because the team of Kevin Smith and Phil Hester are the reason I started being a full-time comic book geek again after I finished college back in 2001 on their acclaimed run on DC Comic’s ‘Green Arrow’.

This updated version of the iconic character is dark and dramatic, and looks to be as heavy on action as it will be on storytelling and character development. ‘The Bionic Man’ #1 ends with the test flight of the Daedalus and the disastrous results. After reaching altitude and speed goals (80,000 feet and Mach 8, if you’re curious) the Daedalus springs a “leak” and begins its flaming return to Earth. Will Steve Austin be able to pull up and save the plane? Probably not, it is the Bionic Man after all, and he needs to be retrofitted with some bionics stat!

Make sure to come back next month for issue #2… Some Assembly Required.

Now, in case you can’t get out to pick up this ground breaking first issue, here are a couple of preview pages to help get your excitement flowing. You can click on the images to for a larger view.