Emily Rose is quite possibly the only actor who could ever play Audrey Parker. After last night’s episode I simply cannot see anyone else in the part. I am a six foot, 200lbs former Marine, and she ripped out my heart in this episode.

Emily was quoted on August 18th as saying;

“Hey tune into tomorrow night AUDREY PARKER’S DAY OFF one of the most challenging episodes to film of the season. Super excited for this one!!”

I’m a Bill Murray fan, so one of my favorites was obviously ‘Groundhog Day.’ As horrible as repeating a day over and over again may seem, I think we all think deep down about the benefits of it at some point or another. What would you do with the knowledge that you had the power to change something? What about the knowledge that you could save a life? In this writer’s humble opinion, I would endure great hardships if it meant I could save someone from a terrible fate.

The ‘Groundhog Day Effect’ as I call it has been done before, granted, but ‘Haven’ does it very well. Emily Rose delivers the best performance of her run on the show. I felt her pain, her anguish, I felt her confusion and her concern for her friends and her lover. We can all identify with her during all this, no matter how absurd the situation is, meaning the fact that the same day is repeating, or resetting itself.

In the background of this episode, we see hints of Twitters involvement yet again. As Audrey is speaking to the school children on career day, we see a flyer behind Chris that says, “Follow @VinceHaven on Twitter, You’ll be glad you did!” I find this enduring as Vince is advertising like an old Coca Cola slogan.

Recently, there has been… confusion over Twitter’s actual involvement in the seven episode arc. Vince and Dave don’t actually live tweet during the show itself, but rather use Twitter as a means of incorporating a back story to go along with the show.

In true ‘Haven’ tradition, this “trouble” is focused on one of the town’s denizen, but which one? It would appear early on that Audrey herself may be the epicenter of this particular phenomenon. After all, she is the one who awakens with the memories of the former days events, as well as the injuries. I loved Duke’s reaction to Chris coming out of Audrey’s apartment in the early morning, which obviously means he had spent the night. His excitement at the prospect of sharing his famous waffles was truly delightful.

From the first moments you pick up certain events that you realize will come into play as the show progresses such as the arguing couple, the child on the bike etc. We find ourselves taking mental notes on what the camera focuses on so we can piece together the pieces later. The focal point of the day becomes apparent when a hit and run takes the life of a child. Nathan prevents Audrey from seeing first hand the tragedy that has taken place. Audrey awakens the “next day” to discover that she is once again replaying the day before.

It seems that when she attempts to intercede and prevent the accident the phenomenon takes a different life instead, Leading Audrey to believe that she may be the key factor. Will her death end the cycle?

Seeing Audrey in anguish over her friends, one after the other is most dramatic; we feel for her, we feel her pain. When the true genesis of the recurring day is discovered, we also see that it is impossible to hope for a happy ending. I consider this, one of my favorite episodes to date. I highly recommend to anyone who has yet to give ‘Haven’ a chance, do yourselves a favor and check it out soon. Until the next episode, be kind to one another, and be sure to try Duke’s waffles, apparently, the secret is in the syrup!

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