No, these coins can’t be used as legal tender in the United States, but if you find yourself far far away on the tiny Pacific Island of Niue you can. Consider this before spending one though, the face value for each coin is $1 and your purchase price for each would be right around $19 USD. Doesn’t sound like a fair trade to me. That’s ok because let’s be honest, these are beautiful collectables that will make some lucky Star Wars fans very happy.

A total of 40 coins will be released as Silver Plated base metal coins (as pictured above), and a unique 40 coin holder will be available to purchase shortly. Each coin in the Star Wars set is struck from Silver Plated base metal and no more than 50,000 of each will be produced. The coin sets will be available in November 2011.

Oh and did I mention they have a set of four?

The set of four in a collectable case (as pictured below) will cost about $383 USD each. These cost significantly more because they are made from 1oz of 999 Silver.

Like what you see? Want to see more? Ready to order? Then rush over to the New Zealand Mint.