Jewel Staite, (‘Firefly’, ‘Stargate Atlantis’) and A. J. Buckley, (‘CSI: NY’, ‘Supernatural’; as Ed Zeddmore of the Ghostfacers) star in this Syfy channel world killer feature. When writer Rupert Crane is found dead, the editor obtains a device, a strange rod, enabling him to see the future – an impending geological nightmare that will tear apart the planet.

The special effects were, as you may imagine, not big budget  CGI, but it was done in such a way that it was acceptable in order to tell the story.

Jewel and A. J. work very well together, I would not be at all surprised to find them working together again in the future. Dr. Brooke Calin, is an Archaeologist (Jewel Staite) and Eric Fox, a book editor played by A. J. Buckley.

Jewel Staite said of the show, “This is a fun, crazy movie. It’s one of those sci-fi movies that you sit back on a Saturday night with your bowl of popcorn and you zone out and you have fun.’

In Northern Bulgaria, the site of the world’s worst natural disaster, Dr. Garcia (Bruce Ramsey of ‘Hellraiser: Bloodlines’) meets with Dr. Yates played by Hiro Kanagawa (‘Caprica’, ‘Smallville’) to discuss the situation. The Black Sea, now no longer exists. The central Sea bed was hit by a cluster of deep focus earthquakes ranging from 6 to 7.8.

The environmental and economic damage are like nothing we’ve ever seen. More quakes hit the very same area of research as the team attempt to flee the area before being engulfed by the earth.

Celestial events are to blame for the earthquakes, a black star is making it’s way towards Earth and is wreaking havoc on our planet. The strange rod like object is capable of giving the holder visions of the future, however it would appear that Eric Fox, and the reclusive writer Rupert Crane are the only ones it works on.

As usual, this global pandemic isn’t enough of a protagonist, as a government agency is trying to track down Eric and Brooke to retrieve the rod and prevent them from using it to save the world.
Henning, played by Rick Ravanello (‘Hart’s War’, ‘The Cave’) is one of the tactical officers hunting them down. In the tradition of blindly following orders, he finally is taken out by the very object he was seeking as Eric, fighting for his life – plunges the rod into his chest.

The stars of the film, live tweeted during the event under their Twitter names: @JewelStaite and @AJohnBuckley – Some of their “tweets” were as follows:

 “@JewelSatite: Anytime there’s a “tremor” in #DoomsdayProphecy take two shots. This way my acting gets better!

@AJohnBuckley: I have to say working with @JewelStaite was so much fun !! Could not stop laughing. #sothankful

@JewelSatite: In case u forgot, I’m gonna try and save the world tonight. #DoomsdayProphecy 9pmET/6pm PT on @Syfy . Lets do this.”

At the end of the day, this is a fun Syfy Channel “End of the World” film with some familiar faces. Jewel and A. J. made the film worth watching in the tradition of cheesy Syfy flicks. Not an award winner by any means, but like Jewel said, sit back on a Saturday, grab your popcorn and have fun!

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