Last night, fans of ‘Eureka’ were shocked and saddened by SyFy’s sudden announcement that the recently-announced sixth season of the show had been removed, and that the currently filming fifth season would be its last. Apparently, fans weren’t the only ones who learned this news suddenly and over the internet.

According to Wil Wheaton’s always eloquent blog, he and many of those involved with the show learned about the cancellation when SyFy announced it publicly. Like the upstanding person that he is, Wheaton says an unexpected farewell with grace and dignity. I can’t put it into better words, so I’ll just let Mr. Wheaton speak for himself:

“I’m proud of Eureka. I think it’s an incredible show, and while I’m sad for them to lose something they’ve been working on for so long, I’m selfishly sad that I won’t get to work with this cast and crew any more. Eureka is a tremendously fun show to make, and from the very first time I set foot on the set, the cast and crew made me feel like I was part of their family. To have that taken away so soon after it began makes me profoundly sad; I can feel the loss in my heart and what would be my soul if I had one and wasn’t made of pure beardstuff from the sixth dimension.”

Writer/producer Amy Berg also posted her thoughts on Twitter. While many fans have expressed anger at SyFy being insensitive and money-hungry (to me personally and out into the electric ether), Berg has come to their defense, saying that the execs fought hard to keep ‘Eureka’ on the air, but ultimately failed in their endeavors. Here is her snippet of tweets (read from bottom to top):













As one would expect from such a wonderful show, the people involved are class acts, and would rather focus on how much they love and will miss their show rather than assign blame.

Big hat tip to one of our writers Bryan Hardbarger for following the story and gathering the information for us to post.


According to EW, the network announced earlier today that they ordered 1 last extra hour to give the writers time to close out the show right.