It’s true, Faithful Followers! Those fine folks at the ‘The CW’ have preemptively extended our favorite Demon Hunters for 23 episodes instead of the regular 22 for its 2011-2012 Schedule!

In a bid to fill up its schedule with more original programming, ‘Supernatural,’ ‘90210’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ have all been extended.

Usually, the CW will not air new episodes of it scripted shows for nearly two months during the winter. Adding an episode should shorten the hiatus for fans and keep the amount of reruns to a minimum.

‘Vampire Diaries’ fans should understand that due to the grandiose post-production process and costs, those episodes will remain.

Joss Whedon fans will be happy to see ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’ favorite Jewel Staite joining the cast! Jensen Ackles will also be jumping back into the directors chair next season, giving us a glimpse into Sam’s past. Good luck Jensen, knock ’em dead!

The seventh season of Supernatural will be airing this September on ‘The CW.’ Last season’s cliffhanger involved Castiel declaring himself the new God. The second episode of season 7 will introduce the new antagonist the Winchesters will be facing throughout the season.

Will ‘Supernatural’ continue after next season though? Mark Pedowitz said at the Television Critics Association press event on Thursday that anything is still very much possible when it comes to the series: “It’s not intended to be the last season. We’ll see where the ratings go. We hope the show keeps going.”

Thankfully, ‘Supernatural’ has had steady ratings and remained constant after following The CW’s hit show ‘Smallville.’