It seems lately that there has been an influx of superhero movies being released, so it is with some relief that we get to see something different. This time it’s aliens! Today, Summit Entertainment debuted the trailer for its upcoming extra-terrestrial sci-fi movie ‘The Darkest Hour’. Check it out below!

‘The Darkest Hour’ is about five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow fighting to survive during an alien attack that has nearly conquered the planet. The movie stars Emile Hirsch (‘Speed Racer’, ‘Alpha Dog’), Olivia Thirlby (‘No Strings Attached’, ‘Juno’) , Max Minghella (‘Social Network’), Rachael Taylor (‘Transformers’) and Joel Kinnamen (‘Girl With The Dragon Tatoo’).

Directed by Chris Gorak (‘Right at Your Door’) and written by Jon Spaihts (‘Prometheus’), this film takes the real life phenomena of ball lightening as part of the alien’s physiology. When asked about the idea of a totally energy based alien, Gorak responded, “…we came at it from an angle where it was like, what’s the science? Let’s build this piece by piece: It’s got an invisible shield made up of lethal wave energy. Something’s got to generate that. So it was kind of architecturally put together.” The aliens will be invisible until ready to attack which will make them that much more difficult to fight.

The movie will also have a spinoff comic book tie-in to be published by Oni Press. Although the film is entirely set in Moscow, the comics will be based on what happens all over the planet during the alien invasion.

‘The Darkest Hour’ will open in theaters on December 23rd.