Last week on ‘True Blood’ we watched Tommy kill his parents, which throughout this week on Twitter we were reminded to remember what “Skinwalkers” are. A few episodes ago Luna told us to become a Skinwalker one must kill a member of their family. Luna became a Skinwalker because she killed her mother at birth. What does this mean for Tommy? I’m sure the Twitter foreshadowing kind of gives it away, but this week should give us some good answers. Last week Bill also discovered Pam was hiding Eric from him, at Sookie’s place, who lied to his face about it.

The main story this week focuses on Eric, Bill and Sookie. The episode begins with Eric and Sookie making out on the porch and moving into the house to continue their heavy petting when Bill busts into the living room. Bill and Eric begin to fight, Eric easily overpowering Bill because of his age, when Eric asks Sookie who Bill is. Sookie responds that Bill is his king, and Eric takes a knee to him. Bill then realizes that Eric isn’t faking, he really has lost his memory. Bill takes Eric into custody, and is very angry with Sookie for lying to him. He tells her that he is a danger to everyone, and that he’s manipulating her. Sookie responds with “Is he a danger to everyone, or is he faking it to get into my pants?” Bill has Sookie escorted out at that point, stating that if she ever is on his property again that she will be arrested for trespassing. Eric is brought down to a cell where Pam is being kept. Eric says the room smells like death, to which Pam reluctantly shows her face to Eric. Pam then explains to Eric that Bill is a power hungry dork and tells him more about who he was. Eric says that he doesn’t want to remember that life, and who he used to be. During this time, Bill is on video conference with Nan Flanagan of the American Vampire League, advising to give the true death to Eric, that he is under Marnie’s control, and that he no longer has his memory. Nan responds that she will talk to the appropriate channels for him and let him know.

During this time, Arlene and Terry have woken up to find their bedroom on fire (remember last week with the spontaneously combusting matches?) and Mikey no where to be found. Arlene scrambles through the house, trying to find him when Terry picks her up and carries her out, saying that he will go back in to find him. Before Terry could run back in though, the house blows up. Arlene’s two other children, Coby and Lisa, are outside, where they say Mikey was already there, sitting on a blanket across the street, playing with the creepy doll that Jessica had given Arlene a few episodes prior to this one. Arlene picks up Mikey, who is smiling and laughing and waving to a black woman behind her. Arlene looks to see who he is smiling at only to see no one is there.

That morning Sam goes to Arlene and Terry’s place to see the damage. Andy Bellefleur comes up and says that if anything is out of code or if Sam was trying to kill his cousin that he would have his head, to which Sam replied with a warning to back off. Hollie, whose home was also burned in the fire, is moving some of the furniture out and asks for Andy’s help with a heavy chair. Andy lifts it over his head with ease (strength being a side effect from taking V) and loads it into Hollie’s truck. Hollie says that she will buy him a cheeseburger next time he’s in Merlotts, which Andy thinks she’s asking him on a date. Hollie, says that was a mistake, but then takes it back and makes it a date. While that is going on, Sam is on the phone with Tommy, asking him to open the bar for him. Tommy is still distraught over accidentally killing his mother, and is taking it out on himself in the mirror. He then realizes he had turned into Sam, as he can now be considered a Skinwalker.

Tommy goes to Merlotts to open the bar and is in the back room when Sookie comes in to tell Sam that she can’t work her shift. Tommy (who is still in the form of Sam) tells her she is fired. He also promotes Jessica to be a waitress. Later on while he is at home, Luna comes over and jumps him (sexually). Afterwords, he is rude to her and tells her to get out. Luna tells him that she never wants to see him again, and storms off. Tommy then shifts back into himself and gets sick. Later on, Sam finds him passed out in his own vomit.

After Sookie is fired from Merlotts  by Tommy (in Sam form), she goes to Jason’s house since he hasn’t been answering his phone. She finds him handcuffed to his bed and assumes it is a sexual thing. That is when Jason tells her about Hotshot and how he is turning into a Were-Panther.  Sookie tells Jason there is a flaw in his plan, that the handcuffs will just fall off when he turns into a Were-Panther. Jason, understanding that Sookie knows more about what is going on, lets her stay with him during his first change. He asks Sookie to shoot him in the head the second he turns, because he’s not good with following his instincts and he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Jason accidentally calls Sookie a freak of nature, but didn’t mean it. She tells him that everybody has something they are ashamed of and, “You can’t run from what’s inside you. It might be a blessing if you let it.” Jason asks Sookie to grab him another beer, and he disappears while she is gone. Sookie, frustrated after she discovers that Jason has run off, grabs the shotgun and goes into the woods to find him.

While Jason is panicking, Jessica senses this and comes to his side. She then explains to him that because he had her blood that she can sense when he is in danger or fearful and she can come to help. She quickly figures out what is going on with Jason, and realizes that he is in a panic attack when she calms him down. Jason asks how she knew about how to calm people down during those times and she tells him a little about her family and how her father would beat on the children, which would send her mother into a panic. She tells Jason she’s going to stay with him because the night she was turned was the scariest night of her life. After a while, Jason realizes he’s not going to turn and is a little disappointed  by it. He asks Jessica if she would go back to being a human if she could and she says no. Jason explains that he’s always been kind of jealous of Sookie being special. Jessica says that he is special, being a football star and had sex with every pretty girl in a hundred mile radius. They both then suddenly realize their attraction to each other and decide to go their separate ways, first stating that they weren’t going to tell Hoyt about any of the night.

While wandering through the woods trying to find Jason, Sookie comes across Debbie and Alcide, who have joined the Shreveport pack and are going to shift under the full moon. Sookie asks them if Jason really is going to turn into a Were-Panther after being bit, but they ease her worries by telling her the only way he’ll become a shifter is if he is born into it. Sookie, relieved, goes further into trying to find Jason. Debbie holds Alcide back, saying that Sookie will be fine on her own.

While in Mexico, Jesus and LaFayette are with Jesus’s Grandfather. Grandfather tells Jesus that he ran away for 20 years and that he is a coward to come back to him like this. Jesus asks for his Grandfather’s help, who replies that they must bring him a sacrifice and that he will consider helping them. After hours of waiting in the fields, Jesus catches a rattlesnake. They bring it to his Grandfather, who says the rattlesnake is the gateway to the spirit realm according to the Mayans. He then uses the rattlesnake to bite Jesus, and tells LaFayette to heal him, and leaves. A spirit named Tio Luca sits in the corner and possesses LaFayette, who then heals Jesus. LaFayette returns to his own body, having no recollection of what happened.

During the full moon, Marnie is cutting herself (which is referred to in witchcraft as Bloodletting) to try and capture the Spirit who is named Antonia’s attention. She is brought back to Antonia’s time, where she is being raped and used as vampire food by the priests (and the sheriff who told her story in the previous episode.) It then flashes to when she is burning at the stake and she raises the vampires out of their dead sleep to burn them alive in the sun. Marnie is then brought back to her own body, but Antonia is standing in the corner. Antonia then envelopes her and becomes a full human again in Marnie’s body. The sheriff who told Antonia’s story is watching this in the cameras in Bill’s office and goes down to the jail cell to confront Antonia. Antonia then controls him and he can’t attack her.

While Antonia is learning use of her new body, Eric has been sentenced to the true death. Eric accepts his fate, stating that he can’t do anything about the vampire he used to be, but he’s sorry for him. He requests that his final words are given to Sookie, where he thanks her and says he “was born the night she found him, and went to the true death knowing what love really is.” He also tells Bill that she still cares for him, and that he hopes that after he dies that they find their way back to each other. Bill asks Eric why, and Eric responds that Sookie deserves happiness, even if it doesn’t come from him. Bill releases him and Eric finds Sookie in the woods, where they make love for the first time.

So this week we had a whole lot of information, and a whole lot of weirdness from Tommy. We did already figure out previously that Tommy could be a Skinwalker now, and this episode definitely proved it to be true. Mikey is turning out to be one creepy baby. In previews for next week we see Tara team up with Marnie/Antonia, and  we get to see how the Hoyt, Jessica and Jason Love Triangle will play out. Hopefully we get more inside of Eric and Sookie’s relationship, and see if there is a future there. Also, if you’re a fan of the books, how do you feel about the changes that were made this season? Do you think of the TV Series and the books as two separate entities? For you just a fan of the TV series, what do you want to see happen with Eric and Sookie? Do you want Bill back in the picture?

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