Marvel Comics are taking Spider-Man, the X-Men, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four back to their early days in a series of revitalized original graphic novels. Marvel is trying to reach an audience, that right now is more familiar with their most popular characters from movie and TV screens, as animated features, video game characters and from a bunch of other mediums. The whole idea of ‘Season One’ is for non-comic book readers have a place where they can jump onboard (with out having to reboot the entire line… *cough, cough* DC Comics) and see just how cool these 50 year old characters are, and where it all began. Finding out how enjoyable reading comics can be, is just a welcome bonus. Believe it or not, there are folks out there who don’t realize comic books are still published, let alone come out every Wednesday. Crazy, right?

I love the idea of ‘Season One.’ If we can get Marvel stories about ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Daredevil,’ the ‘Fantastic Four’ and the ‘X-Men’ that are half as good as ‘Batman: Year One,’ ‘Batgirl: Year One’ and ‘Robin: Year One’ from DC Comics, fans of comics, superheroes or even just good storytelling are in for quite a treat. ‘Season One’ will feature the creative teams of: writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and artist David Marquez (‘Fantastic Four’), writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Jamie McKelvie (‘X-Men’), writer Antony Johnston and artist Wellinton Alves (‘Daredevil’) and writer Cullen Bunn and artist Neil Edwards (‘Spider-Man’).

Beginning next year, Marvel presents a first for the company: ‘Season One.’ ‘Season One’ is a series of original graphic novels detailing expanded and in-continuity origins for some of their most iconic characters. The inaugural edition of ‘Season One’ will land in a comic book shop (or mailbox) starting in February of 2012, with three more shipping monthly after that and another trio of entries to follow.

“The 50th anniversary of the Marvel Universe seemed like a good time to go back to the beginning and reintroduce today’s audience to these seminal storylines and to find new areas within them to explore and illuminate,” says Marvel Senior Vice President.

Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said, “We tried to select newer, younger creators [for the series] who might be able to bring a little bit more of today’s sensibilities to telling or retelling these classic stories.”

I, along with the folks at Marvel hope the in-continuity aspect of ‘Season One’ will appeal directly to loyal “True Believers” –  the long-time fans who’ve invested in the Marvel characters they’ve loved for years, as well as new fans of Marvel’s heroes from the movies, television, cartoons and more.

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