Marvel and Sony have just released the first trailer for the upcoming 4th ‘Spider-Man’ film, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

The initial trailer goes mainly into the well-known background of the character almost like a quick synopsis of his origin, which seems pointless now with a fourth film. We don’t get to see anything of a villain except a split second of two cars being thrown on a bridge.

The only really interesting part is the end of the trailer which is shot from Spider-Man’s point-of-view. In 3D, this might be a lot of fun, but it hardly makes for a great film. Let’s hope it doesn’t give people motion sickness if overused in the film. Maybe this is preparation for a theme park ride. That could potentially be very cool.

One very disappointing part of the trailer is the cinematography. “Boring” and “television quality” are the first two things that came to mind when watching the trailer.

Let’s hope I’m wrong!