Warehouse 13, dubbed as SyFy channel’s “most successful series ever,” returns with the same zest you have come to expect. Everyone has seen the teasers and read the articles, so it’s no surprise to hear that ‘Warehouse 13’ would be welcoming a new member to the team courtesy of ‘Smallville’s’ Aaron Ashmore. Aaron will play the part of Steve Jinks, the “human lie detector” whose character also happens to be gay. Rest assured fans; Jinks is not replacing Myka.

This season premiere was no disappointment; it had the same quirky comebacks and silly one liners from Pete and Claudia. The new guy was indeed what he was touted to be. He jumped right into the crazy with both feet! Right out of the gate, we know Steve is going to be a great addition to the team, as observed by “team Clartie.” For those who do not know who I’m talking about, team Clartie is Claudia’s idea for the two person team of Claudia and Artie. Yes, this is just one of the reasons we love Claudia so much!

Even Artie, who is ever composed and mature, has trouble handling Mr. Jinks at first, while trying to explain what they we’re doing in a museum that was filled with lightning coming from a guitar. In the end, Artie decides to throw the truth at him since time was of the essence after all. Steve bites, hook, line and sinker, thanks them and then sends them on their way to rescue everyone from this guitar. The incident with Jimi Hendrix’s guitar shows us yet again why we are so smitten with the fiery redhead who, as it would seem, has spent some time on Guitar Hero.

Steve gets home and checks his answering machine and has a message from… you guessed it, Mrs. Frederick saying, “Turn on the lights, we need to talk.” She is, of course, standing there when the lights come up and proceeds to give Steve the “come work for us” pitch. In the next scene, Steve shows up at Warehouse 13 where Pete is, less than thrilled to have to break in a new partner. All this time Pete’s usual jovial self is… a bit off. This, of course, is because Pete misses Myka. Everyone knows this.

Meanwhile, Claudia has been a very busy Gal; she’s fixed the Warehouse periscope and the vacuum tube! I know, the what and the what? Hang tight, I have to leave something to the imagination or until you watch for yourself, don’t I?

While giving Steve Jinks the “nickel tour” of the Warehouse, an electrical storm kicks up… IN the Warehouse. Just another day at ‘Warehouse 13’ folks! Pete and Steve are sent to Denver while “Team Clartie”, along with Leena check out the reason why Mother Nature is throwing a ring tailed ducky smack dab in the middle of the Warehouse.

Pete and Steve seem to be bumping into the same FBI agent at each crime scene, with plenty of clashing egos. They start to realize they may need some help with this case, so Pete attempts to enlist the help of… wait for it… Myka Bering!

That’s right boys and girls, our beloved Myka makes an appearance! And as Pete suspected, hangs around a while! I for one was thrilled by this little tidbit. I nearly had an aneurism when she left the show at the end of last season! Myka, being the book smart agent she is,  figures out how to put an end to this particular artifact’s evil deeds and Pete is warned away from ever showing up at the Denver airport with threats of gunfire from the FBI.

“Team Clartie” finally put together where the lightning is coming from and just in time too, because the Warehouse wouldn’t take much more of that kind of abuse.

Mrs. Frederick shows up at Myka’s work with, well, an old “friend” in hopes of enticing Myka back to the Warehouse for good. A very heartwarming scene back in the Warehouse brings everyone back together, everyone… including Myka, much to everyone’s surprise.

According to Eddie McClintock and several other sources, this new season will play host to some veteran science fiction actors. Kate Mulgrew of ‘Star Trek Voyager’, makes an appearance, as well as fellow ‘Star Trek Voyager’ co star Jeri Ryan, who apparently made herself right at home on the set. My personal favorite actor from ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ is Renee Auberjonois, who will also return. McClintock also stated that some backstory on his character, Pete Lattimer, will come to light about his past, his father and other influences in his life.

‘Caprica’s’ Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Ruiz, are also scheduled to make an appearance, undoubtedly pleasing many ‘Caprica’ fans due to the show’s recent cancellation.

‘Eureka’s’ Fargo played by Neil Grayston, affectionately nick-named “Fargo-Nator” by Claudia Donovan, is also returning for another of those clever crossover episodes that fans love so well.

So it seems there is a lot to look forward to with the upcoming season. This season premiere just goes to show why ‘Warehouse 13’ is SyFy’s “Most successful series ever.”