The newest season of ‘True Blood’ is back in full swing, and if you’re not watching it then you’re missing out on what’s probably the best season ever.

Let’s go over what you may have missed if you didn’t tune in for Sunday night’s episode.

Sookie and Eric:
Sookie finds Eric on the side of the road with no recollection of who he is.  She can tell something is definitely wrong with him when he doesn’t remember his name, Sookie’s or even why she smells as good as she does.  She agrees to take him home so she can help him work through this but only under one condition – he cannot touch her or bite her.  Eric promises and they’re on their way.

Once they arrive at home, Sookie calls Pam and tells her the situation.  She rushes to Sookie’s home and finds Eric sitting on the couch, having his feet washed by Sookie (as a side note, I’m totally loving the new and improved version of Eric – so polite and relaxed, isn’t he?).  Pam tells her that she needs to watch Eric since there’s a coven of witches who have obviously done him harm.  Sookie wanted to tell Bill but Pam threatened her with bodily harm when she did, and guess what happens?  Eric steps in and shoves Pam to the floor – yep, this is definitely not the Eric she’s used to.  She then explains nicely how she believes Bill might be behind it and he can’t know anything about this.

Realizing the scope of the situation she’s involved in, Sookie goes to visit her werewolf friend Alcide.  She hopes he’ll take care of him for her but when she arrives she finds no other but Debbie there.  The former seething, vengeful werewolf now looks… peaceful, happy and perhaps most importantly, sober.  She begs Sookie for forgiveness; Sookie reluctantly and cautiously accepts.  She then leaves abruptly, realizing that Alcide can’t offer much in terms of help when it comes to Eric.

That night Claudine comes and visits Sookie in an attempt to convince her to come back to Fairyland.  Sookie refuses to go, but then what happens?  Eric nabs Claudine and drinks her blood til she shrivels up and dies.  Sookie screams, “You killed my fairy godmother!”  Eric’s reply.. “I’m sorry.”  And it actually sound genuine!  See, this new Eric isn’t so bad.

Jason and the Panthers:
Poor Jason.  The guy’s been through just about everything and now he can add ‘being raped while dying’ to his list of unpleasant experiences.

Sookie’s brother comes to with his cell phone ringing but of course no hope of being able to reach it.  He’s dying – his wounds are looking infecting and that stupid hick Crystal keeps covering them with some sort of mud mixture.  He begs her to finish him off but she refuses – she said they’re going to make lots of babies and be together forever.  She then slips him a white pill and excitement rises in Jason’s voice. “Medicine?”  You can see the glimmer of hope in his eyes.  It’s then she tells him it’s Mexican Viagra.

He passes out and when he comes to he finds Crystal mounting him.  He tries to break free and get her off him but to no avail – he can’t untie the ropes around his wrists.  So there he stays, fatal wounds in his chest, while Crystal uses him as a sperm donor for her next cub.  He yells at her, calling her a hillbilly junkie and wishes he’d never met her.

Jessica and Hoyt:
Jessica has had about enough of Hoyt and the fighting, so instead of rushing to the store to get him his Advil that he so desperately needs, she goes to Fangtasia and feeds off of another man.

Afterward guilt sets in and she rushes to Bill’s mansion.  She asks for Advil for Hoyt since all of the stores are now closed, but Bill’s intuitive enough to know there’s something bothering her.  So Jess fesses up and Bill tells her to suck it up and tell Hoyt because it’s the right thing to do.

When she gets home she’s confronted by Hoyt who tells her this creepy baby doll keeps finding its way in their house (I’m sure this will be important at some point later).  She doesn’t know where it came from but then proceeds to tells her man what she did, and he’s furious (rightfully so, right?). But after only giving him 30 seconds to adjust to the news, she realizes she can’t do it.  She glamours him and makes him forget about the whole conversation. Now Hoyt feels like the luckiest man alive.  Hmmm….like this won’t come back to bite her later (yes, pun intended).

Arlene and Terry:
Jessica gives Arlene and Terry’s baby the creepy doll, stating it’s a gift.  Terry thanks her but Arlene’s enthusiasm is less noticeable.  The baby seems to enjoy it though; it giggles at it which I think makes Arlene even more uneasy than before.  Thankfully no blood vessels burst in her eye this episode.

Marie, Jesus, Tara and Lafayette:
What a bunch of trouble right there. Anyway, Jesus asks Marnie how she managed to get Eric to leave; she says she has no idea. Lafayette has every right to be wary of Eric – after all, the vampire tortured him for days down in his dungeon, and Jesus knows this. Tara is upset that she’s been vamp-handled yet again, and lets Lafayette know of her discontent with the situation.

Lafayette later decides that something must be done.  He proposes he’s going to go to Fangtasia and appeal to Eric’s merciful side (like he normally has a merciful side… .that’s a funny one).  Of course Tara and Jesus are strongly opposed to this plan, but he sneaks away despite their concerns.  They notice he’s missing and are following right behind him.

When Tara and Jesus arrive on the scene, they find a very angry Pam getting ready to inflict some punishment of Lafayette.  Tara’s packing heat though – a revolver that’s loaded with wooden bullets.  That’s enough to get Pam to listen to what they’re saying.  They strike a deal – the trio will bring Marnie to her or Pam will “eat, (censored) and kill all three” of them.  And don’t think she won’t do it.

There’s not much to report.  Apparently he didn’t set Eric up because he calls his cell phone and leaves a message, frantically requesting a call back as soon as possible.  He then decides to go to bed with Portia Bellefleur, so he can’t be too concerned about Eric, can he?

Tommy sees an opportunity to cheat Hoyt’s mother out of some good money – a natural gas reserve is right under her house and she doesn’t even know it!  And she won’t know it either, if Tommy has anything to do with it.  The scam artist reaches out to his brother, Sam, and tries to convince him that they should buy Maxine’s house and then split the natural gas money.  Sam refuses, of course – did you expect anything less?  I didn’t.  Tommy throws a tantrum and tells his brother that he hates him.  Ouch…things just don’t look any better for these two.

That’s about it!  Stay tuned for next week’s episode of ‘True Blood’ which airs on Sunday nights at 9 pm on HBO.