‘Next Island,’ a free to play MMO recently released its first originally produced, in-house content for its game on the Entropia Universe platform. The unique content will provide players with the most user-friendly starter experience possible.

“After nearly three years of development, we have created activities, quests and gameplay that are in sync with our vision,” said David Post, creator and founder of Next Island, in his announcement.

In ‘Next Island,’ players take on the role of a scientific pioneer, following the ideals of the original paradise, Elysium on Earth. Players have to use their wits, creativity and technology to survive the dangers and solve the mysteries of Next Island.

The first mystery involves searching for missing Elysians, who had time traveled back in Ancient Greece. This time travel destination will offer new characters and challenges and become a destination for ‘Next Island’ players. In future development, more of the backstory will be revealed to players as will other travel destinations.

‘Next Island’ offers a real cash economy on its platform. Players can go on quests, craft virtual items, set up shops, own property, hunt, swim and explore. There are also music venues like Club Neverdie, they can take in comedy at Caroline’s, audition for the first virtual reality show “Avatarette.”

‘Next Island’ is a free to download, free to play MMO/virtual world developed on the Swedish-based Entropia Universe platform. Founded by David Post and initially developed at Neverdie Studios, Next Island attracts casual online gamers and passionate MMO players alike with an unique blend of social gameplay, challenges, time travel, engaging story and backstory and real cash economy.

For further information, go to NextIsland.com.