Who is sick of Hal Jordan? Wow a lot of hands! Well me too. After having Green Lantern event after Green Lantern event after Green Lantern event, we have had Hal gracing the pages of many, many books.

It almost would have been refreshing to see the Flashpoint free of Hal Jordan, alas some things are not meant to be. In this story not much has changed about his origin, other than he’s not a Green Lantern.

That’s right, Hal Jordan… arrogant jerk is a reckless test pilot, except this time he and the rest of Ferris are also charged with protecting the West Coast of the United States from Atlantis.

Now, my souring of Hal Jordan doesn’t mean this book doesn’t have some kick-ass moments. How about Hal in a F-22 vs. King Shark. That was cool. Actually most of the flying in this book was really good.

What I’m looking forward to most in this book is to see Hal Jordan team up with Abin Sur to help save the Earth. I’d like to see Hal get the John Stewart treatment, you know Green Lantern of Sector 2814.2. That would be pretty funny to have him playing second banana.

All in all, this is a decent opening to a larger story. The art is good, but don’t look for a lot of detail. There is is not much in the way of background imagery in the panels of this story. So, if you are a Hal Jordan fan, you should go ahead and pick up this book. If you are suffering from Post Green Lantern Movie syndrome and need a break from Hal Jordan, it won’t kill you to skip this three part Flashpoint tie-in.