If you’re like me and love a good movie adaptation of a book, you might enjoy this news.  According to Deadline, Gold Circle Films recently acquired David Rosenfelt’s novel ‘On Borrowed Time,’ a Hitchcockian thriller published by St. Martin’s Press.
Rosenfelt’s first novel, the Edgar Award-nominated ‘Open & Shut,’ hatched a series on a lawyer who takes on impossible cases, particularly if they involve dogs.

However in his new novel, Rosenfelt writes about a journalist who’s about to ask his girlfriend to marry him.  Unfortunately they get into a car accident and she disappears. Her family and even his friends claim she never existed. As he writes about his ordeal in magazine articles, it’s unclear whether the journalist is delusional, the subject of memory experiments, or is the victim of a conspiracy.

Honestly, it sounds a lot like ‘Unknown’ but I’m willing to see it since I really enjoyed that movie.
Summit Talent & Literary Agency and Writers House made his deal.  As we find out more information on this project we’ll be sure to let you know.