Kid Flash: Lost! You can really consider this book to be Flash #13, since it is a direct continuation of the last in continuity Flash story before the Flashpoint. The most important introduction to this book… the person that will put the pieces of reality back together.

Kid Flash: Lost features the return of Hot Pursuit and I know what you are thinking… he’s dead. Well of course he is, and at first I thought the return of Hot Pursuit was due to the Flashpoint, but I was wrong. More on that in a bit.

If this issue reminded you of the Matrix, you wouldn’t be wrong. If this issue reminded you of Back to the Future, again, you wouldn’t be wrong. If you were left wondering what this had to do with the Flashpoint… well that is the interesting question.

Kid Flash: Lost, begins in the “present day” with Bart running with the Flash, Barry Allen. Of course something just seems off with Bart and Barry’s interactions. Barry is cold and downright mean to his grandson from the 3oth Century.

This “ruse” does not last long, as Bart is able to to suss out the fictional world. He is able to wake himself from the “dream”, only to be confronted by the villainous Brainac. This is where this issues is more Flash #13 than Flashpoint mini-series.

Bart quickly realized in the waking world the “Speed Force” no longer exists. Lucky for him he is saved by the new Hot Pursuit, and rushed to safety on the Cosmic Motorcycle. I could tell you who the new Hot Pursuit is… but that would be telling. This issues ends with a pretty big cliffhanger, Kid Flash and Hot Pursuit need to track down the fuel tank to the Cosmic Motorcycle to enable it’s time travel functionality so they can try and save the day. Oh, and Kid Flash is having his very own Marty McFly, Enchantment Under the Sea moment as the issue ends.

Check back next month for Kid Flash: Lost #2 of 3 as Kid Flash and Hot Pursuit race agains the clock!