What seemed like an eternity is finally here again – ‘True Blood’ premiered last night and it was just as good as I imagined it would be!  Life has changed greatly for our key players in Bon Temps, but even so you can be sure that they’ll be lots of action in some form or another as the show continues.

Let’s move on with the recap so we can discuss it in full.

Well, I won’t start from the very beginning because I covered the 8 minutes of ‘Sookie in Faerieland’ when I wrote about the preview last week (you can read about it here).

So Sookie and Earl both jump through the portal, but remember, he’s eaten the fruit.  So when they arrive, they land right in the cemetery.  He starts fading fast; he’s aging at an accelerated rate.  He has two last requests:  to see the gravestone of her parents (which he does) and then to give his pocket watch to Jason for him.  With that, he dies and vanishes in a puff of vapor.  Poor Sookie cries her eyes out for awhile and then returns home.

But when she gets there she sees a team of workers renovating her home.  One threatens to call the police but she goes in anyway, and settles in to the warmth of the home she missed so much.  That is, until she finds out that Jason sold it.  Jason arrives on the scene in a sherriff uniform and after a heartwarming reunion, he breaks the news to her.  Sookie is beside herself.  She thinks she’s only been gone for 15 minutes but Jason tells her that she’s been gone for almost a year.

It seems as though Bill had given up on Sookie ever returning.  He now has a close (maybe too close?) relationship with Chamber of Commerce head Portia Bellefleur to help improve relations between people and vampires.  Oh and did I mention it seems as though he’s now King of Louisiana?  We’ll learn more about how this happened next week.

Her change is by far the most drastic of them all.  She left Bon Temps and is now a cage fighter in New Orleans.  She has a girlfriend, which isn’t too surprising after Franklin did to her.  She gets the news from Lafayette that Sookie’s back in town via text, but she decides to stay where she is.

Lafayette and Jesus:
Speaking of Lafayette, the poor guy just wants to be left alone and his boyfriend is continually pulling him along to these covens to get him to join.  This time though he visits a witch that is able to control the dead.  Of course this is advantageous when it comes to controlling vampires, but Bill has a spy in their midst and no doubt he’ll hear all about it.

What a nice guy!  While Sookie was away he bought her house for her and fixed it up.  So sweet, right?  Not exactly.  Because now he has control over her.  Since he owns the house he can come and go as he pleases and no longer needs to be invited in.  Hmmm, doesn’t exactly sound like he had the best motives in place, does it?

Hoyt and Jessica:
These cuties are still a couple but they’re fighting a lot.  Plus with Jessica’s hunting urges she’s finding that she’d rather have the blood of some human hotties than a glass of true blood.  I can’t say that I actually blame her.  Though I don’t know what it’s like to be a vampire, I would think it’d be impossible to contain centuries of instinct and be happy.

Terry and Arlene:
Arlene had her baby and she’s pretty obsessed that something might be wrong with him since he’s the son of a serial killer.  Terry tries to reassure her that the boy’s fine, but Arlene doesn’t seem too convinced.  Hopefully HBO will do something interesting with this subplot because as of now it already has a pretty high annoyance factor happening.

Sam and Tommy: 
These brothers are still fighting but not as much.  Tommy’s milking his leg since he got shot by Sam and he’s enjoying the attention Hoyt’s mama gives him.  Sam apparently had to go to anger management classes, but now he’s friends with a group of shifters who like to turn into horses and gallop through the forest at night.  Damn, I wish I could do that.  Seriously.

That’s about it!  Next week HBO should be moving on from here – I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our favorite peeps from Bon Temps!