What if Abin Sur hadn’t been killed by the villainous Atrocitus? Well in the world of Flashpoint, Hal Jordan hasn’t received the call to become the protector of Sector 2814, and the life-loving and protecting Abin Sur remains the protector.

Flashpoint: Abin Sur the Green Lantern answered some questions I had going into DC Comics’ game changing summer event. Where there other Corps? Yes, we see two different Lantern Corps in this book. Is Sinestro still a Green Lantern? Yes, and apparently he is looking to find answers about the Prophecy of… the Flashpoint. Finally, did the Blackest Night take place? Simply, yes. The cursed Black Lanterns are currently spreading across the Universe.

There’s lots of cool stuff in this issue. We get a glimpse at Nekron and his Black Lantern Corps. I think without a Green Lantern from Earth, the Corps has remained emotionless protectors of order. Earth is still important in this new world. Earth remains the birthplace of life and the White Entity still resides here. Lastly, we get to see the greatness, Abin Sur, in action.

I have always wondered, what kind of Lantern Abin Sur really was and it’s interesting to see who influenced this historic comic book character. If you are wondering, it was his sister helped instill the idea that all life is important, even a tiny annoying insect.

Another thing we learned… no matter what timeline we are in the Guardians of the Universe are gigantic blue brutes. I am a big fan of this Flashpoint tie-in and it promises big things in the remaining two issues of the mini-series. I’m also guessing Abin Sur’s time as a Green Lantern in this timeline is short, but wow! I wonder if perhaps some of his spirit was left in the ring on some sub-conscience level to influence Hal Jordan to become the greatest Green Lantern. And loudest voice of dissension to the Guardian’s hands off approach to spreading their brand of order to the Universe.

Next month… Hal Jordan, Atrocitus and more Sinestro.

One more thing… I know there are a lot of Flashpoint tie-ins, but if you are a collector with each #1 you will receive a pin with the purchase of the book. You can see what the different pins will look like for each tie-in below.