Some disappointing news for Castiel fans everywhere…it seems that Misha Collins will no longer be deemed a regular cast member of ‘Supernatural’ when its seventh season debuts.

According to TVLine, even though Misha’s character is now godlike in pretty much every way, he will not be seen anywhere near as often as we’ve seen him before.

 “When it comes to Supernatural, our philosophy is that everyone moves in and out and weaves in and out of the story, obviously with the exception of Sam and Dean,” executive producer Sera Gamble told TVLine recently. “We love Misha. We love and adore the character of Castiel. His character developed to this extent and went in this unexpected direction because we were so inspired by him.”

Even so Collins is expected to return for the Season 7 opening episode, but how much of a presence he will have on the show beyond that remains to be seen.  Gamble won’t divulge because she can’t do so “without giving away a lot about the premiere,” she says.

Yes, I know I’m supposed to remain objective…but this is just horrible, horrible news!   I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will miss Cas’ presence (and social awkwardness) on ‘Supernatural.’