The plot continues to thicken and episode 7 is definitely no exception!  If you missed it, be sure to catch it yourself as my recaps can’t delve into every minute detail that occurred.  Without further ado, let’s continue.

Cersei’s Secret:

Ned confronts Cersei and tells her that he knows she’s been sleeping with her brother.  Does the Queen try to deny it?  Not a chance.  She tells him that they shared a womb together and that they belong together (I practically gagged during this scene – disgusting thought).  Armed with the knowledge that Robert has no sons of his own blood to succeed him, he tells Cersei to leave the kingdom with her children because Robert’s wrath will follow her wherever she goes.  Unfortunately she has no plans on leaving, but even so, Ned still promises to tell Robert when he returns from his hunting trip.

The Death of a King:

Things seem to be going well for King Robert.  He has Ned Stark back as his Hand, and the seven kingdoms are under his rule.  Unfortunately, he loves to hunt almost as much as he loves to run his mouth off and while adventuring he is injured.  Basically, he was gored by a wild pig.  Lying on his deathbed, he has Ned Stark take a letter which states that Ned would take the throne as reagent with Joffrey taking over once he’s of age.  But Ned tweaks the words a tiny bit – instead of putting “Joffrey” in there, he puts “rightful heir” since he knows King Robert has no sons from his own bloodline.

I’m a little annoyed with Ned.  Yes, I know Robert was dying but I would’ve totally been like, “Umm, Robert…Joffrey’s not your son.”  OK, maybe that’s wrong of me, but the man deserves to know.  Ned should’ve spilled the beans but he didn’t.

Also, Robert tells Ned to call off the attempt on Dany’s life but when he leaves the room he finds out that it’s already too late.

Anyway, Ned prepares for Robert’s death by working with Littlefinger to get the City Guard on his side, because he was told that Cersei had troops and was positioning herself to claim the throne for Joffrey.

He’s assured by Littlefinger that the troops are on his side.  He enters the throne room (as requested by Joffrey) where the little brat claims he’s king and demands that they all show fealty to him.  It is at this point that Ned hands the letter to the most honorable of Robert’s guards and has him read it aloud.  When Cersei learns that Ned is to be regeant, she rips the letter up.  Her son demands that the guards seize him; Ned demands that the City Guards detain Cersei and Joffrey.  Unfortunately one of the guards stabs another and a bloody battle ensues in the throne room.  At this point we see Littlefinger come up behind Ned and put a dagger to his throat while saying, “I told you not to trust me.”  Bastard.

Khal Drogo and the Iron Chair:

Khal continues to refuse Dany’s requests to return to Westeros to reclaim the Iron Throne.  But when one of Robert’s assassins tries to poison his beautiful wife in the marketplace, he becomes enraged and proclaims that he will cross the water and invade, raping their women and selling their children into slavery.  So in essence, Robert’s actions cause the invasion.

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