The image to your left is the actual cover of War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1, but after reading Green Lantern #66, Green Lantern Corps #60 and Emerald Warriors #10 it seemed very fitting for this review/recap.

As the conclusion of the War draws near Geoff Johns, Tony Bedard and Peter Tomasi kicked the story into high gear. The evil ex-Guardina Krona’s plan finally found its way to the light. The Earth-born Lanterns made their assault on the Central Power Battery to release Parallax. If that wasn’t enough, the heart and soul of the Corps found his end.

In Part 7 Green Lantern #66, we find Sinestro Corps Hal Jordan and Red Lantern Guy Gardner fighting their way through the Entity possessed Guardians of the Universe. As our multi-colored heroes make their way to the Central Power Battery the Krona controlled Mogo continues to send Power Rings out to unworthy, mindless and violent Green Lanterns in an effort to shame the Corps as the Manhunters were once shamed.

The b-story in this issue deals with Sinestro and the New Guardians trapped in the Book of the Black by Lyssa Drak. Sinestro has been “unplugged” from his page in the book and is trying to make his way to Lyssa Drak. Along the way he gets a glimpse into the other New Guardians, Indigo-1 being the most eye-opneing; who is she? Sinestro finally meets with Krona, only to find he is no longer considered a threat by the ex-Guardian.

Ok, back to Hal and Guy, they were overpowered by the Entity possessed Guardians allowing Krona to set his plan into motion; replace the Guardians with the four Earth-Born Lanterns. As Krona begins the transformation process on Hal and Guy, as all seems lost.

In Green Lantern Corps #60, we find Kyle Rayner and John Stewart on Mogo battling the Parallax-effected Green Lanterns and the thousands of rings being sent out into the Universe. Like Guy and Hal in Green Lantern #66, Kyle and John have gotten the hang of their new rings; maybe a little too well.

When John is unable to keep the the rings at bay, he and Kyle are forced to head deep into Mogo. Remember, just because he is a giant planet it doesn’t mean Mogo is defenseless. He unleashes a psychic attack on John showing him the constructed image of his dead wife Katma Tui. I am a little surprised there was no psychic attack on Kyle, he’s got just as much (if not more) personal baggage.

Kyle Rayner: Blue Lantern, is unable to keep from super-charging the Green Lantern rings. During their retreat from the Lantern attack force, he is able to “heal” several of the his fellow Corps men and women. As they reach Mogo’s core, it is pretty cool to see his brain is actually fused with a giant Green Lantern ring. Now it is up to Kyle to purge Parallax from his system. Too bad for Kyle and John, Mogo springs a Black Lantern-y type of a leak threatening the mission and Mogo’s life.

Now this is where it is apparent John Stewart has a warped sense of compassion. When unable to use Kyle and the power of hope to cure Mogo, John decides to channel his inner Black Lantern and combine it with the power of the Indigo Light. What comes next is not only surprising, but unspeakably wrong, sad and will have major repercussions for John Stewart and his standing within the Corps. He killed Mogo.

Before I move on to Emerald Warriors #10, I want to discuss the death of Mogo and John Stewarts actions. If killing the infected Mogo is a mercy killing, I’d hate to see what John would do when he is angry. Taking on the Black Light of Death really messed with him and I think he believed he was doing the right thing. That being said, this is the second planet he has destroyed, and this one was his friend. He is going to be filled with more guilt and self loathing over his actions than I believe he is prepared for. I like the idea of John going a little darker in the Green Lantern-verse, he has always seemed a bit out of place with the rest of the Earth-born Lanterns. He is truly a warrior, more than Hal, Kyle or even Guy, and for that reason I think this will destroy him.

Mogo, RIP kind planet. You helped train Lanterns to be mentally strong and you helped the rings find the rightful bearer. The loss of Mogo is something the Corps will not soon recover.

On to Emerald Warriors #10! Peter Tomasi and team have made Emerald Warriors the best of the three Green Lantern titles. We kick this issue off picking up on Guy and Hal in the process of being transformed into Guardians of the Universe. Meanwhile, as pieces of Mogo rain down on OA, the Green Lantern Corps, the Entity infected Guardians and Krona are left incapacitated providing Hal and Guy the the opportunity to escape.

Back at Mogo’s ruins Kyle is trying valiantly to put Mogo back together with the blue ring, to no avail. It is a heartbreaking series of panels. Seeing the way Kyle embraced hope, makes me hopeful he will at some point become a full-time Blue Lantern. When John finally forces Kyle to give up our heroes are able to meet up on OA to make their final assault on the Central Power Battery to remove Parallax.

It would be nice if they had the power to remove the negative influence from the battery, but it will take more than a Yellow, Red, Indigo or Blue Ring of Power. It will take all six of the remaining colors, so Hal and Guy are forced to bear the Orange and Violet rings adding Avarice and Love to the assault. Hal wearing Yellow and Orange is and interesting choice, though not entirely surprising. Guy wielding Red and Violet however, is a big surprise. I’ll be honest I didn’t think he would be able to handle opposite ends of the emotional spectrum.

Guy Gardner is probably the most interesting Earth-born Green Lantern. He is a man of great passion, feeling and will. During the Blackest Night when Kyle Rayner was temporarily killed he was overcome with Rage and became a magnet for the Red Ring. When it was time to go back to being Guy, his willpower overcame the poison of the Red Ring (with the help of and Indigo Lantern of course). So when it comes to rescuing the rest of the Corps, it takes Guy Gardner, flaws and all to embrace his Hate and Love. “I love the Corps! I hate being filled with Rage!”, when the Green Lantern Corps is all you have you will do anything necessary to save it. In the process removing Parallax and freeing the entire Corps in the process.

Now is the time for everyone to go back to being Green. John, Hal and Kyle have no problem doing this, but before Kyle can relinquish the Blue in favor of Green he needs to free Guy of the Red. Now the Corps is back, they are ready to take on Krona and his infected Guardians and save the Universe. The question; is Krona ready for them and what is Krona’s plan for the Earth-born Lanterns? Make sure to check back next month for the conclusion to War of the Green Lanterns in Green Lantern #67.